VOY: “Prophecy”

Date: July 21, 2021

Season 7, Episode 13

Music Video of the Day:

“But there was never any place / For someone like me to be totally happy.”

Interstellar News: Today was laundry day, four loads, and an incredibly busy day at work. I chatted with a good friend on the phone, saw a dear friend for a drink after dinner, and helped the husband person make a dent in cleaning out his home office.

TL;DR: Klingons that have been traveling four generations in the DQ believe Torres and Paris’s baby is their savior. Some of the Klingons don’t believe this baby is the right one due to it’s “impurities”, but it turns out that her stem cells helps cure them all of an incurable Klingon disease. The Klingons are moved to the nearest M-class planet to start a new life, Neelix gets his groove on, and Torres is given a bat’leth for her daughter to use later.

Neelix and Ch'Rega
“Oh! You’re a lucky man. She’s a fine specimen of Klingon womanhood.”

Favorite Quote:

EMH: As I understand it, you have two options. Kill her, or mate with her. Since the first option is clearly unacceptable… hands Kim a padd.

KIM: What’s this?

EMH: Authorization for you to engage in intimate relations with a member of an alien species. Be sure to get the Captain’s approval as well.

The EMH is not helpful, but it’s a wonderful exchange and you can totally see Kim go a little green.

“Today would be a very bad day to die.”: I actually really love this episode because it’s ridiculous and adorable at the same time. Neelix getting everyone to bunk together for a bit, staying with Tuvok, and then essentially putting a “sock” on the door so he could have sex with a Klingon was absolutely amazing and Tuvok’s face said more than any words could ever.

Paris and T'Greth battle over Torres
“The only Klingon I’m afraid of is my wife after she’s worked a double shift.”

Torres has the typical journey of not wanting to be the savior (cough Sisko cough), doing her best to play along for the sake of those who believe, and then getting all warm and fuzzy at the end. Paris, in the same vein, does his best to support Torres. I am glad we were spared a training montage when he was learning how to fight with a bat’leth. There’s, of course, a Klingon who tries to take over the ship… but I love how he’s completely in awe of Torres and the baby once the EMH figures out how to cure their disease. It may be cheesy, but it just worked for me. 7 chili cheese dogs for this one!

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VOY: “Repentance”

Date: July 20, 2021

Season 7, Episode 12

Music Video of the Day:

“The way I think that I should get away sometimes / the way I wish that you would try and compromise

Interstellar News: Today was a busy day at work, and it’s only going to get more hectic from here. Sigh.

TL;DR: Voyager responds to a distress call and it’s a group of prisoners, scheduled to be executed, and their wardens. Tuvok sets up a mock prison, Neelix brings them food, and most of the crew are uneasy about capital punishment as it’s not a thing in the Federation. Iko, one of the prisoners, is a total asshat, gets beat up, and then Seven’s nanoprobes fix something that was wrong with his brain. Suddenly Iko feels remorse and the crew argues for an appeal now that he’s not a threat. Another prisoner, Joleg, says that his race are incarcerated at a higher rate… and the data supports him. The prisoners get a chance to escape, Joleg tries to run while Iko stays behind to face the family of the person he killed. Seven also feels remorse and feels she hasn’t been punished for her crimes while she was a Borg.

Iko holding a knife to a bemused EMH
“I’m a hologram. I can’t be harmed.”

Favorite Quote:

EMH: What about rehabilitation? Given the chance, some of these men might become productive members of society one day.

Seven of Nine: Their victims won’t have the same opportunity.

EMH: And that justifies taking their lives? An eye for an eye? It’s not justice, it’s revenge. Quite frankly, I’m surprised you’re not troubled by such a barbaric system.

Seven of Nine: I’m simply being objective. You often encourage me to see both sides of an argument.

EMH: Well, this is one occasion when my programming won’t allow me to be objective. Killing is wrong, no matter who’s doing it.

The EMH and Seven debating the pros and cons of capital punishment.
Joleg the Benkaran
Neelix: “The note we sent your brother. He traced the transmission to Voyager. He’s the one who attacked us.”

“This is a Federation Starship, not the Barge of the Dead.”: This is the “capital punishment” episode, and it’s pretty standard. There’s a jerk who gets a redemption arc, there’s a discussion about the pros and cons of removing a danger from society versus trying rehabilitation, and there’s a criminal who swears they are innocent but might not be. The interesting bit here is having the family of the victims sentence the criminals, because an outsider isn’t going to measure the worth of a person’s life in the same way. Also, using biology to explain that Iko couldn’t control his actions and if it had been fixed he would have never committed the crime is a good way to get the audience to feel for this man who just a few minutes ago they hated, but that still doesn’t bring back the life he took. I’m shocked that Neelix gets conned by Joleg, apparently he didn’t learn from “Live Fast and Prosper“. This episode didn’t wow me, but I didn’t hate it either so it earns 6 lemon pies.

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VOY: “Lineage”

Date: July 19, 2021

Season 7, Episode 11

Music Video of the Day:

“Some days I don’t know if I am wrong or right…”

Interstellar News: This weekend was a lot of fun. My sorority spouse came to visit and we had a great weekend. Then a good friend and her husband came over for dinner and game night and we played a few fun games.

TL;DR: Torres and Paris find out they’re expecting a tiny human-Klingon. Paris goes to Tuvok for fatherly advice while Torres has flashbacks to her tortured childhood. Torres wants to alter their daughter’s genes to make her more human and less Klingon, but the EMH, Janeway, and Paris are all against it if it’s not medically needed. Torres goes bonkers and reprograms the EMH so she can have the procedure anyway, but Paris stops it. Torres and Paris talk, decide they’ll make it work, and then apologize to the EMH and ask him to be the godfather.

Favorite Quote:

Paris: Is it a girl or a boy?

Torres: No. Don’t tell. I want to be surprised.

Paris: We’ve already been surprised.

Torres: I just don’t see any reason to have to label the baby. I don’t want to know the gender. I don’t want to have to pick a name yet.

Paris: Okay, okay, Mommy knows best.

Torres: Mommy?

Paris and Torres being adorable. I agree with her not wanting to label the baby. A person’s a person, no matter how small.
Paris and Torres consoling each other
“It’s fatherhood, not exile.”

“Offspring can be disturbingly illogical, yet profoundly fulfilling. You should anticipate paradox.”: This was an incredibly difficult episode to watch. It had the worst bits of being an outsider and having other people make a decision about a woman’s body. Torres says “When the people around you are all one way and you’re not, you can’t help feeling like there’s something wrong with you.” Though Paris says there are other non-humans on board, the majority of the crew is human and that has got to be hard for the others on board. While there may not be racism by way of color of skin, there’s still racism in subtle ways against those who are non-human.

Now for the hard part. Torres wants to alter the genes of her child to make her less Klingon, but in the end it’s two men and an authority figure telling her she can’t do something with her body and it rubs me completely the wrong way. Paris is wonderful here, he only ever tries to help, but he’s in over his head. Also, blaming this on her hormones was just seven kinds of ick and I just felt uncomfortable watching the episode most of the time.

I did like how Icheb thought the baby was a parasite (I mean, he’s not entirely wrong), how news traveled so fast on the small ship, and getting those flashbacks into Torres’s childhood to understand how she was feeling a bit better. I also liked the end where Torres and Paris have their heart-to-heart and how Torres owns up to her mistakes. However, I just can’t bring myself to rate this episode.

TA Out!

VOY: “Shattered”

Date: July 17, 2021

Season 7, Episode 10

Music Video of the Day:

“How many times can I break till I shatter?”

Interstellar News: I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. July has been an absolutely crazy month. I have been watching Trek and Marvel movies, just haven’t really had the brain to write about it.

TL;DR: Voyager encounters a spatial rift and Chakotay is hit with something. The EMH fixes him up, but then Chakotay realizes it’s before the EMH received his emitter. As he travels through the ship he meets Janeway before she left for the Badlands, Seska, Seven as a drone, and even future Naomi and Icheb… the ship is split into 37 time zones. He and past Janeway fix the ship up and send a pulse so that when Chakotay gets back to the present he can save the day and they avoid the rift altogether.

Future Icheb and Naomi - 17 years in the future
“Commander. In case you were wondering, I never told Neelix where you hid that cider.”

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: You’re late. Unfortunately, so is dinner.

Chakotay: Let me guess. You burned the roast again.

Janeway: Once, a long time ago, I called this replicator a glorified toaster. It never forgave me.

Chakotay: I didn’t realize replicators held grudges.

Janeway getting in trouble for name calling an inanimate object.

“If we restore the time line, remind me to cancel Mr. Paris’ holodeck privileges.”: This is sort of a fun episode where the points don’t matter… wait, wrong show. Truly, I loved getting to see all of the different time periods on the ship in a way that isn’t a clip show. We get to see “Basics” when Seska tried to take over the ship, “Macrocosm” when the macrovirus almost took over the ship, “”Scorpion” when Seven was still assimilated, and something that takes place after “Bride of Chaotica” as past Janeway had to play her part again (though this time she rolled her eyes so hard, you could feel is all the way in the AQ). There’s a scene where Tuvok dies from radiation poisoning, and the ending is VERY Spock a la “Wrath of Khan” and of course a visit to the future when Icheb and Naomi are damn near running the ship.

“I didn’t know Dante’s Inferno was on the Maquis reading list.”

One of the things I don’t understand is how Chakotay and Janeway always wind up in time periods where they aren’t on the ship. Aside from that, though, I absolutely loved how Janeway is again rethinking her decision in “Caretaker” and thinking about all of the people she’s lost. This Janeway hasn’t been lost in the DQ yet, she hasn’t met the Maquis crew, and she hasn’t lost anyone yet. It’s an important conversation for her and Chakotay to have as well as a way to show that our Janeway hasn’t come to fruition yet. This episode was overall enjoyable and earns itself 8 large oatmeal raisin cookies.

TA Out!

VOY: “Flesh and Blood: Parts 1 & 2”

Date: July 1, 2021

Season 7, Episode 9

Music Video of the Day: Happy Blink 182 Day! It’s the 182nd day of the year

We all know that there’s nothing like the First love, first high, there ain’t nothing like the first time.”

Interstellar News: After a busy week, I’m doing my best to get caught back up. I tried making some avocado chocolate cookies a few days ago, but I used some really old (and expired) coconut sugar that left a bad taste in my mouth. This time I used golden sugar and it came out much better. I’m hoping to get caught up and finished with Voyager before the end of the month. Let’s see if I can get that done!

TL;DR: The Hirogen took holodeck technology and made some AI-infused holograms that get the better of them. The EMH gets kidnapped and then eventually sides with the holograms who “just want a home of their own”, though that turns out to be a falsehood. Janeway and the Hirogen team up, as Janeway wants to right the wrong of introducing the technology to them, and eventually most of the holograms are taken offline.

Favorite Quotes:

Seven of Nine: Engineering systems and main power should be operational soon. The deflector is a different matter.

Chakotay: How long?

Seven of Nine: Four hours, at least. If Lieutenant Torres were here, she might be able to repair it more efficiently.

Janeway: That’s high praise coming from you. I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

Seven’s praise comes in terms of efficiency… and now I’m worried I’m part Borg.
Torres and Kejal
It looks like an Alpha Quadrant summit in here.

Torres: I may not know you, but I know what you were designed to be.

Kejal: Prey.

Torres: That’s right. Cunning prey that’ll do anything to survive.

Kejal: We’re more than that now.

Torres: It’s not easy to change who you are. Trust me.

Torres, who is part Klingon and hates it, knows first hand how hard it is to go against your programming, so to speak.

Part 1 – “You’d be surprised how easy it is not to kill someone.”: This is a clear follow up to “The Killing Game“. In Part 1 we’re introduced to a Hirogen technician, Donik, who was able to be something other than a Hunter thanks to Janeway sharing holodeck technology. When the simulation is turned off and all of the dead Hirogen are displayed, it’s quite sobering. Iden, the Bajoran hologram who “liberates” other holograms, is a compelling character at first…but not as compelling as Kejal who is a budding engineer and a compassionate Cardassian. As soon as Iden asks the EMH about Torres, I know he’s planning something and it turns out I wasn’t wrong. There’s an excellent conversation between Janeway, Tuvok, and Chakotay about the dangers of giving away technology and I’m really glad they had it.

The EMH and Iden
The fact is, your life is not your own. And never will be as long as you are controlled by organics. You don’t have to return to that existence. Stay with us. Make a new life for yourself.

Part 2 – “How can I punish you for being who you are?”: The EMH is his usual gullible self and he realizes he’s made a mistake and also that Iden is a megalomaniac. The idea of the holograms using a Y-class planet as their home makes total sense, and I truly thought that’s what they wanted until Iden “liberates” some holograms that are totally unable to function on their own. I love that Torres works with a “Cardassian” and that Donik and Kejal eventually go off to be on their own as outsiders. After watching all of Deep Space Nine, it was easy sometimes to forget that Kira was truly a terrorist to the Cardassians… even though she was fighting for her freedom. Iden gave into those same tendencies, though his programming went a little haywire when he outright murders organics and not understanding that all holograms are not built alike. I also loved the talk Janeway and the EMH have at the end of the episode, when she realizes that it was her own actions that led to this moment.

I really enjoyed this episode as it showed how technology can be abused or used in a way it wasn’t intended. It also follows up on something that happened in the past, which Voyager has been not great about. 8 jelly filled donuts for this episode.

TA Out!