Sports Night: “The Hungry and the Hunted”

Date: January 26, 2021

Season 1, Episode 3

Music Video of the Day:

“I think I know my limits, and how to make good decisions…”

Interstellar News: Been super low on energy the last few days, sigh.

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: My instincts told me to shut the the hell up and do what I was told.

Isaac: Your instincts were wrong.

Jeremy: Not fitting in is how qualified people lose jobs.

Isaac: Yeah, but a lot of the time, it’s how they end up working here.

Isaac is the absolute best.

” I just wanted to tell you something nice happened at work today. I got the call.”: This is an absolutely wonderful episode, and I feel like I will continue to say that a lot about this show. Jeremy gets “the call”, meaning they want him to go to location and the produce a segment when he gets back. However it’s about hunting, which he’s morally opposed but keeps silent until he winds up in the hospital after fainting. Isaac explains that it’s up to Jeremy to tell them his limits, he’s part of the Sports Night family now. In a lot of hiring committees I’ve heard talk about the candidate “fitting in” or being “a good fit”, and I’m so glad that’s now an outdated practice in higher education. We need people who are right for the job and who will keep the department honest. I love how Isaac explains that Sports Night is for the outcasts, but that’s their strength.

Jeremy pointing an imaginary hunting gun at Isaac while Dana watches in the background
“Bob and Eddie were using the IR 50 Recon by Bushcomber. It’s got a 16 inch microgroove barrel with .30-.30 mags, side scope mount, wire cutter sheath, quick release bolt, mag catches and a 3 pound trigger. So I figured we must be going after a pretty dangerous duck.”

The other bit of this episode is Natalie trying to get Casey and Dana together. She asks Danny to ride with Isaac so the other two can ride together, and Danny proposes this to Casey after totally getting schooled on Major League Soccer by the rest of the crew. Casey’s totally out of his depth not only with getting himself dressed, but his understanding of just how much he’s attracted to Dana. He goes on a long rant about how it’s been a long day, he’s tired, and he won’t notice anything… let alone her shoes, when Dana walks by in her little black dress. Casey watches her walk past, he then walks backwards, trips, and falls down while Dan calls to him “on your feet, partner, let’s go.” and it’s so classic, I love it every time I watch it. If you’re not watching this show, you totally should. It’s “free” on Amazon Prime through IMDB TV.

TA Out!

VOY: “One Small Step”

Date: January 24, 2021

Season 6, Episode 8

Music Video of the Day:

“If You Don’t, Don’t” by Jimmy Eat World
“And I’m sorry that I’m such a mess / I drank all my money could get / I took everything you let me have / And then I never loved you back.”

Interstellar News: Sorry I’ve been missing for a few days, it’s been a bit crazy around here. Glad to be back.

TL;DR: 250 years ago Ares 4 and it’s pilot, Kelly, are swallowed up by a spacial anomaly. In present day, the anomaly exists subspace in the DQ and Voyager follows it with Chakotay getting all nostalgic for the Ares mission. He, Paris, and Seven reinforce the Delta Flyer and head into the anomaly and find the command module, but can’t remove it before the anomaly is hit by an asteroid and the Flyer is damaged… along with Chakotay. Seven beams over to scrap some items out of the module, finds Kelly’s logs as he survived for a while in the anomaly, and she beams his body and the parts over in the nick of time as they get back to Voyager and give Kelly a Starfleet funeral.

Favorite Quote:

Kelly: Rerouting whatever’s left to the imager. Keep it running as long as possible. Mission Control, Dad, whoever finds this, do me a favor. Take all the data I’ve collected. Put it to good use. I hope you don’t look at this as a failure. I don’t. Actually, I do have one regret. I never found out who won the World Series. I’m tired, and I can’t…

Seven later tells his corpse… “The Yankees, in six games.”
Astronaut on the Moon
“One small step for man…”

“We are experiencing a ship-wide power drain. This is unrelated to my modifications.”: This is an interesting episode and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Paris is usually the Mars history buff, so this seems a bit out of character for Chakotay… especially when he disobeys Janeway and puts himself and two of his crew in immediate danger for a piece of history. If this was Paris, everything would have made so much more sense, but he was in the background for most of the episode. This was a wonderful vehicle for helping Seven understand the importance of history as well as exploring humanity some more, and I loved how she made the last minute decision to download the database and take Kelly’s body once she realized it was his last request. A Borg will never miss out on an opportunity for more data, or maybe they would if they thought it was useless. I still don’t know how I feel about this episode, so no rating tonight. Tell me what you thought!

TA Out!

“The Legend of Korra, Season 1”

Date: January 21, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

“The Scientist” by Coldplay
Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard.

Interstellar News: Today was another rough day at work and another rough mental day for me. I chose to plow through the rest of Season 1 of The Legend of Korra and decided to write about it tonight. I’ll get back to Trek soon, I promise.

TL;DR: Korra, a water bender, is identified as the new Avatar after the death of Aang about 70 years after The Last Airbender ended. She’s then trained in earth and fire and is ready to learn air bending from Tenzin, Aang and Katara’s youngest son… but there’s trouble in Republic City. She follows him there and meets Tenzin’s wife and three children (they’re all air benders too), Toph’s daughter Lin (an earth bender), and two brothers, Mako (a fire bender) and Bolin (an earth bender) who are also in the pro-bending league. A group of anti-benders, called “Equalists”, are led by Amon who has the ability to strip benders of their bending.

Pabu the fire ferret
I love Pabu
*soft chittering*

Along the way Korra joins Mako and Bolin’s pro-bending team, The Fire Ferrets, as well as a task force bent (no pun intended) on ferreting (again, not intended) out Amon. She likes Mako, but Bolin likes her, and then Mako meets and starts dating Asami, who is the daughter of the dude who makes all the cars and turns out to be a traitor. There are lots of bad guys and lots of teenage drama, but eventually Korra learns to air bend and how to connect to her past lives. Korra and crew save Republic City and now have to help clean up.

Naga, the polar bear-dog
Naga is the bestest girl in the world.

“When we hit out lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.”: A few years ago I introduced the husband person to Avatar: The Last Airbender and we both loved it. The Legend of Korra was not available, so we bought it on Blu-ray and then never watched it … because life happened. It’s now on Netflix and we ran out of cooking reality shows to watch while eating dinner. The first season has 12, 20-minute episodes and they’re really great. It’s a fun journey with lots of twists and turns and callbacks to the series which it’s a spin-off of, but still its own show. Naga and Pabu are amazing animal companions, just as Momo and Appa were, and the new Team Avatar is just as well balanced as before with one non-bender and the three elements the Avatar has already mastered on board. The “benders vs. non-benders” feels a lot like what’s happening in America right now and it’s sobering. It’s a continued wonder that the show runners and writers do such a great job with these hard topics on a “kids show”, and can also make the story enjoyable for adults who are watching at a much later date. I’m excited to watch the next three seasons.

TA Out!


Date: January 20, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

“Try Everything” by Shakira

Interstellar News: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated today as our new President and Vice President, respectively. I taught my first online synchronous class with only one minor technical glitch. However, our TV was acting up tonight and I didn’t get any Trek or Sports Night watched. I did, however, watch Zootopia with a dear friend on Sunday and wanted to write about it tonight.

TL;DR: The world is made up of animals who are civilized, they talk and wear clothes. Judy Hopps is a rabbit who dreams of being a police officer and, despite everyone in her life doubting her, she makes it through the Academy and is assigned to the city of Zootopia. She’s assigned the relatively safe position of meter maid while the other cops search for 14 missing mammals, and she meets Nick the fox… a con artist. She’s give 48 hours to find a missing otter and she blackmails Nick to help her. They figure out someone is causing predatory animals to “go savage”, but Judy jumps to conclusions and she and Nick have a fight. She quits the force and heads back home to farm carrots with her family when she realizes what caused the damage, she and Nick realize it was a ruse by the prey Assistant Mayor who wanted prey to take control of the city, and they save the day. Nick becomes the first fox cop and the city begins to heal while everyone attends a Shakira concert.

Favorite Quote:

“The more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be.”

“Life is a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal (person) you are, change starts with you.”

Officer Judy Hopps

“This is Zootopia, where anyone could be anything.”: I absolutely adore this movie. It’s very obviously an analogue for racism and how it doesn’t matter what’s in our background but in our actions. I love Judy’s optimism, naivete, passion, and sass. Nick is her perfect opposite as he’s lived on “the streets” and had to learn to take of himself at an early age… plus there’s the whole bit about the fox from Judy’s youth and her parents insisting she take fox repellent. I mean the existence of “fox” repellent as opposed to just a pepper spray or something is horrifying in a supposedly advanced society.

Mr. Big from Zootopia, in his chair
Daddy, no icing on my wedding day… you promised!”

The world that was created, was created with care. The different areas for the different animals was so well done, especially when all of the big, tough polar bears were working for a tiny godfather rat… just superb. The villain being the timid little assistant mayor was also fantastic and the use of the recording carrot pen, just wonderful. It never got old. The moment where Judy reaches for the fox repellent and she crushes both Nick and herself is, well, absolutely crushing. She realizes that no matter how much time they had spent together and how much she believed that anyone could be anything, she had been taught hate and fear that reared its ugly head when the chips were down.

Mr. and Mrs. Otterton
My significant otter ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s something we all have to understand about ourselves… it’s there. When I am walking alone at night, I am weary of absolutely everyone. A man of any color might hurt or rape me, a woman or any color might lure me to be kidnapped by sex traffickers, and folks who drive are never paying attention. I want to live in a country, in a world, where a woman can have the same opportunities as a man, where who you love and how you dress does not influence how people treat you, and where we all respect each other and treat each other with kindness. Today, I have more hope than yesterday… but we all need to get on board. Let go of old grudges, let the past be the past, let’s all move forward together and truly make the world a wonderful place for everyone to live in… including the animals. TOOT TOOT.

TA Out!

VOY: “Dragon’s Teeth”

Date: January 19, 2021

Season 6, Episode 7

Music Video of the Day:

“The Great Beyond” by R.E.M.
“I’m looking for answers from the great beyond.”

Interstellar News: My grandfather-in-law passed today after a long battle with various illnesses, so it was a somber day in our house. Except it was also the first day of the semester so I worked like a crazy person while I set the husband person on the couch with the pupper to keep him warm and they rested and collected themselves. I dedicate this post to Grandpa Don.

TL;DR: The Vaadwaur are under attack and go into stasis so they can be revived when things are more settled. Almost 900 years later Voyager is pulled into a subspace corridor, the Turei help them out and then demand to board them to wipe the data… so Voyager lands on a seemingly uninhabited planet. Seven wakes up Gedrin and some of the other Vaadwaur who form an alliance against the Turei who have stolen the corridors from them. Some of the Vaadwaur decide to double-cross Janeway, but Neelix and Seven use their Talaxian and Borg databases to piece together their story. With Gedrin’s help, Voyager escapes but 50 Vaadwaur ships make it to the corridors and Voyager is no closer to home.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: Seven, what are you doing?

Seven of Nine: I’ve activated the reanimation sequence. He may be able to provide us with answers.

Tuvok: We don’t know anything about this species. They could be hostile.

Seven of Nine: Most humanoid cultures are.

Tuvok being prophetic and Seven being sassy and correct.
What year is it? Robin Williams in JUMANJI
oh, only about 900 years later. It’s totally fine.

“I wanted to help revive a civilization, not start a war.”: Anyone who knows me, knows I love dragons… so I was disappointed there were no scaly creatures in this episode. After several character-focused episodes, it’s nice to have one where most of the crew has something to do and it’s interesting to see how the Vaadwaur act throughout the story. This reminds me a bit of “The Thaw” with respect to the stasis pods and people wanting to rebuild society at a later date. I will admit I don’t totally buy Gedrin’s disloyalty to his people, but maybe he was so grateful to Janeway for trying to save them he didn’t want to bring them into his squabble. If only they had stuck to the original plan, the Vaadwaur would have had a new home world where they could begin to rebuild and the crew would have been closer to home because they were able to make use of some of the subspace corridors that allowed so much travel in such little time. Sigh. 7 mountain goats mewing for the whole world to hear!

TA Out!