VOY: “Macrocosm”

Date: October 20, 2020

Season 3, Episode 12

Musical Accompaniment: Stone Temple Pilots

Interstellar News: Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

TL;DR: Neelix helps apologize to the Tak Tak for Janeway as there was a communication mishap. They get back to find Voyager adrift, something interfering with their instruments, and it’s really hot. Neelix and Janeway get separated, so she heads to engineering and Lara Crofts it and then gets stung. She finds some of the crew passed out in the mess hall, makes it to Sick Bay, and the EMH fills her in on what happened. They were helping the Garan who contracted a virus that became a macrovirus and, even with protocols in place, the EMH beamed aboard the virus which then attacked the crew. He finally developed an antigen, which he gives to Janeway, but he can’t get to the crew… so they work together to destroy some of the now life-size viruses and distribute the antigen.

Favorite Quote:

EMH: Commander. I’d like to apologize for my over-zealous behavior on the away mission.

Chakotay: Compassion is nothing to be sorry about, Doctor. It won’t be the last time you’re faced with a moral dilemma in the field. But if it makes you feel any better, your performance was exemplary.

The EMH goes on his first away mission now that he’s more mobile.
Lara Croft, from the video game

“I thought Klingons didn’t get nauseated. You have a redundant stomach.”: This episode can be boiled down to “Janeway is a badass and the EMH is her almost-just-as bad ass sidekick.” The marcoviruses kind of reminded me of the stabby scorpions from the original Clash of the Titans from the 1980’s. I enjoyed Neelix being useful at the beginning, helping Janeway overcome a totally unintended insult, but hated that he was sidelined after that. The EMH going on his first away mission was awesome, for him, and Chakotay was perfect in the big chair while Janeway was gone. The EMH also did not just sit there in sick bay, he developed a cure, but then he was sidelined because the mobile emitter does have its downsides. The thing that got me was the Tak Tak coming back and damaging Voyager in just the exact spot so they can’t send the cure? Come on! Though I will say the most bad ass thing was Janeway thinking to use the holodeck as a homing beacon (looking at you Wreck-It Ralph) and then deploying a bomb that eradicated the marcoviruses. 7 bunches of delicious red grapes for this episode, because badass Janeway is badass.

TA Out!

VOY: “The Q and the Grey”

Date: October 19, 2020

Season 3, Episode 11

Musical Accompaniment: Minus the Bear and associated acts

Interstellar News: We are now back to your regularly scheduled programming, apologies for the delay.

TL;DR: After witnessing a star go supernova, a rare occurrence per galaxy, Janeway returns to her room to find Q who wants her as his mate. He keeps showing up and harassing the crew, eventually conjuring a puppy and telling Janeway that he’s lonely. Suddenly a red haired, female Q shows up, his ex, and there are also two more supernovas because the Q continuum is in a state of civil war. Q and Janeway beam into the war zone while Lady Q is stuck on Voyager and tries to get them toward the continuum. Q wants the continuum to have more freedom, inspired by Quinn, and the other side wants things to get back to “normal”. Janeway tries to get them to settle peacefully but she and Q are instead going to be executed. Voyager and Lady Q arrive a t the nick of time, Lady Q and Q decide to procreate, and there are no more supernovas. Sometime later Q arrives to ask Janeway to be the godmother to his little boy.

Favorite Quote:

Q: I know that you’re probably asking yourself, why would a brilliant, handsome, dashingly omnipotent being like Q want to mate with a scrawny little bipedal specimen like me?

Janeway: Let me guess. No one else in the universe will have you.

Q: Nonsense. I could have chosen a Klingon Targ, the Romulan empress, a Cyrillian microbe.

Janeway: Really? I beat out a single-celled organism? How flattering.

Janeway waving her hands in abject sarcasm.
Lady Q
“You know, I’ve always liked Klingon females. You’ve got such spunk.”

“War can be an engine of change.”: So my absolute favorite guest star who only had two appearances on TNG as a Klingon and one as a Vulcan is back and she’s absolutely fantastic as Lady Q. Torres, however, gives her a run for her money with her quick wit and superbly timed pettiness. This really starts off like every other Q episode, except this time you maybe believe him for just a little until you realize he’s instigated a civil war. It was great fun to watch Janeway and Lady Q run around in civil war era skirts and being genuine badasses despite the massive layers, and all of the men looked sharp in their uniforms. The ending, however, makes absolutely no sense. It was still a fun episode and Lady Q calls Paris “helm boy” and Chakotay just gives the “go ahead nod” and I laughed hysterically at that. It’s also very “Q” in that their way of procreating is touching fingers. Despite the ridiculous ending that just ended because we got to time and the script said so, it was great fun and I wouldn’t mind watching it again mostly because of Janeway and Lady Q. This episode earns itself 7 empty food storage containers that used to hold all of the things I cooked this weekend.

TA Out!

All Fun and Games

Date: October 18, 2020

Interstellar News: Happy 18th Day of Halloween!

Following my food post, I want to talk about all the fun and games to be had.

Friday: We went for a walk around the neighborhood before dinner and got to show our friends life in suburbia, which is exactly like they thought it was.

Saturday: I took our friends to Main and Centennial campus, and it was a gorgeous day for it. We tried out the Wolf Ears and took in all the beautiful views while social distancing from others and wearing our masks. We took another walk before dinner. In the evening we played many games. Labyrinth, Takenoko, and two rounds of Munchkin Apocalypse.

Gang of Four card game
Four of a kind? Nope… I have a FIVE of a kind.

Sunday: Woke up and watched Rashomon, took an afternoon nap after finishing the sauce, had one more walk before dinner, and then played quite a few round of Gang of Four… one of my absolute favorite card games.

It was an absolutely wonderful long weekend. I forgot how much I need social interaction and how fantastic it is to play games with people you care about.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested. Be smart and safe. Then, come over to be fed and play games 🙂

TA Out.


Date: October 17, 2020

Interstellar News: Happy 17th Day of Halloween!

After a negative Covid test and weeks of being extra-super careful, we had some friends over for a long weekend. Let me tell you about all of the food I made and you’ll see why I was absent for a few days and am publishing this after the fact:

Thursday: I baked a 13 lb. turkey and accompanied it with Parmesan green beans, bread stuffing, and turkey gravy. We had homemade brownies with Howling Cow ice cream for dessert.

Friday: I made homemade blueberry muffins from my favorite muffin cookbook. Lunch was rice ball casserole. Dinner was made-from-scratch vegetable lo mein, Mongolian beef in the crock-pot, and homemade crab rangoons. Dessert was lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting.

Saturday: Brunch was a sausage, egg, bacon, and cheese casserole with sweet potato biscuits. We ate the rest of the rangoons and had some fruit as a snack. Dinner was crispy chicken leg quarters with asparagus fries. Dessert was homemade chocolate cake with my version of cannoli cream (sans chocolate chips).

Sunday: Lunch was turkey and cheese sliders with the leftover turkey meat from Thursday. Dinner was lasagna with sweet Italian sausage inside, a double batch of Grandpa’s meatball recipe (55 meatballs!!), garlic bread, and it was all topped off with my giant vat of homemade sauce. Dessert was creme de menthe squares, which are super complicated to make but super delicious to eat.

Monday: Our company left and we sent them with a ton of leftovers. We also have a ton of leftovers. I show my love through food but I also forgot how much I absolutely love hosting and feeding people. Can’t wait to do it again.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested. Be smart and safe. Then, come over to be fed 🙂

TA Out.

VOY: “Warlord”

Date: October 16, 2020

Season 3, Episode 10

Musical Accompaniment: YouTube is still not behaving, so it’s the Ironman soundtrack for me.

Interstellar News: Today I had a wonderful egg bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast, rice ball casserole for lunch, and homemade crab rangoons, vegetable lo mein, and Mongolian beef at dinner. I ended the evening with lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting… lots of yum.

TL;DR: Voyager rescues three Ilarians from a disabled vehicle, two men and a woman. One of the men dies, the other is a doctor, and the woman is now a widow. Kes begins to act strangely and wants to take a break from dating Neelix. A representative of the Autarch beams aboard but Kes fires a phaser, they knock out Janeway, and beam down to the surface. It’s made clear that Kes has been taken over by the dead man, Tieran, who wants to be the Autarch again. The Autarch’s oldest son wants Voyager’s help but Janeway wants him to exhaust all peaceful solutions first. Kes tries to fight against Tieran, but he’s very strong. All the while everyone sees only Kes but she’s acting like a mad warlord. Tuvok tries to infiltrate, and is caught, but eventually Voyager does help and Kes is recovered.

Favorite Quote:

Kes: Everything seems so different now. My thoughts and perceptions, even my relationships with my closest friends. You, the Doctor, Neelix. How can I go back to my normal life as if nothing ever happened?

Tuvok: You cannot. This experience will force you to adapt. You are no longer the same person, and the course of your life will change as a result. Where that new course leads is up to you.

Tuvok is the best mentor on the ship, and possibly one of the best in the universe. Though he has nothing on my work mom.
Ross from FRIENDS: "we were on a break"
What I imagine Kes says to Neelix when she tells him about her escapes with Nori and Ameron.

“I love plants, flowers, anything that grows.”: Kes is beautiful here, she completely owns being this megalomaniac man, and her, and some combination of them. I still can’t stop laughing about the “I love plants” line. The few scenes on the holodeck were okay, but Torres looks fantastic in a bathing suit, I wish I looked that awesome in a one piece… but alas I have almost no torso. This was a fantastic episode with a little bit of awesome technobabble and a sprinkle of polyamory in there. When Tieran-as-Kes suggests that his wife and Ameron become a triad, I almost spit my water out. I thought it would have been more difficult for Tieran to accept being in a woman’s body, but my assumptions were completely wrong. What I don’t understand is why he would sacrifice his concentration, and his doctor, just for some of Kes’s mind abilities? I mean she’s only going to live a few more years, I would have thought he would want a more durable and long-lasting body, as well as a doctor who can help him stay jumping from body to body. I don’t really have a lot bad to say about this episode, 8 cupcakes with LOTSA frosting for this one.

TA Out!