ENT: “Sleeping Dogs”

Date: September 22, 2021

Season 1, Episode 13

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I know I’m a day late to the party… but better late than never.

Interstellar News: Yesterday we trekked across town to deliver lasagna and brownies to our two dear friends who just adopted a newborn. After that we grabbed our own dinner and ran a few errands. I bought way too many things at Dollar Tree. Today was the official start to the busy season at work and I’m already exhausted.

TL;DR: Enterprise encounters a class-9 gas giant and a Klingon ship that’s stuck in it because the occupants drank wine laced with a netotoxin. After much convincing Bu’kah works with Archer and the crew to get the Raptor working again. They do, the Klingon Captain tries to fight them, and then he leaves realizing he won’t stand a chance. T’Pol, Reed, and Sato bond a bit… even with Reed’s head cold.

Favorite Quote:

Bu’Kah: I demand to speak to your Captain.

Tucker: You know, I read if they sense a leader’s weak, they’ll try to kill him and take command.

Archer: I’m the Captain.

Bu’Kah: I’ve never seen your kind before but you have made an enemy of the Klingon Empire.

Archer: From what I’ve noticed, that’s not hard to do

Bu’Kah being the perfect Klingon, Tucker teasing his captain, and Archer just doing the thing anyway.
female Klingon, Bu'Kah
“If we had died when the Xarantine attacked our honor would be secure, but to fall victim to some disease, to be crushed into nothing in the depths of this miserable planet.”

“Remind me to stop trying to help people.”: I actually quite liked this episode. T’Pol and Sato bonding was wonderful, even if it’s because they’re both the only female regulars on the cast and that’s what happens typically. I love that Bu’Kah is a bad ass Klingon but also realizes that she needs to do whatever she can to make sure her and her crew make it to Sto-Vo-Kor. Being crushed or succumbing to a disease is not honorable, Klingons have to go out fighting. It’s a perfectly good method for introducing Klingons who don’t know what Archer did for them while simultaneously demonstrating that it’s possible for Klingons and humans to work together many, many years before the Khitomer Accords go into effect. This wasn’t a “best episode ever” kind of thing, but it was one I didn’t have a whole lot of issue with. Porthos is getting some homemade dog food for this one, at least 7 days worth.

TA Out!

ENT: “Dear Doctor”

Date: September 20, 2021

Season 1, Episode 12

Music Video of the Day:

But losing the game doesn’t mean / That we’re losing the fight…

Interstellar News: Apologies for being away the last few days. I was in New York visiting with a dear friend and we were super busy every day, mostly eating of course. I had very yummy pizza, ravioli, various sauces, fresh spinach pasta, and a variety of other things that are so hard for me to find in NC. While I did get to watch a few episodes of Enterprise, I also was able to stick in some Brooklyn 99, a Batman movie, and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. It was a wonderful trip and I am sad it’s over. The zoo, however, is glad to have me home… and it’s nice to sleep in my own bed.

TL;DR: We learn more about Dr. Phlox via his letters to a human doctor who is on Denobula as part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange. Denobulans are polygamous and have a very intense mating season. He works with Sato on her Denobulan and takes care of various creatures in his lab. He also has some interesting exchanges with crewman Cutler and it seems they decide to be friends with some to be named later benefits.

from left to right: Sato, Phlox, Valakian, Archer, T'Pol.
“I have reconsidered. I spent the whole night reconsidering, and what I’ve decided goes against all my principles. Someday my people are going to come up with some sort of a doctrine, something that tells us what we can and can’t do out here, should and shouldn’t do. But until somebody tells me that they’ve drafted that directive I’m going to have to remind myself every day that we didn’t come out here to play God.”

At the same time, Enterprise encounters a ship with two Valakians. They are pre-warp and are suffering from a deadly disease. They co-exist with the Menk, a separate species that they treat differently, and Phlox eventually figures out it’s genetic. They want a cure and warp technology, which Archer eventually refuses and gives a speech that’s very “this is the Prime Directive in all but name”, because they didn’t go out exploring to play god.

Favorite Quote:

Dr. Phlox: It’s just a little gastrointestinal distress.

Archer: He hasn’t been himself lately.

Dr. Phlox: Well, you’ve been feeding him cheese again, haven’t you? You’ve got to learn how to say no, Captain.

Archer: No more dairy products, you hear that? Doctor’s orders.

This was the best part of the whole episode.

“You need to know that my culture is different.”: I both love and hate this episode. I love, love, love learning more about Phlox and seeing him interact with the crew. From his morning routine of feeding his lab mates to his conversations with Sato and Cutler, it’s nice to finally know more about him and how he got to Earth. He treats T’Pol, Porthos, and all the humans on board with a pleasant demeanor and he’s easily my favorite doctor so far… and we’re only 15 episodes in! I also liked that he considered holding things back from Archer but eventually had faith in his captain as it shows he’s accepting his place in the command structure.

Phlox and Cutler
“I’m not interested in becoming wife number four. I just want to be your friend.”

The parts on Valakia are all pretty awful, because you can see where it’s going as soon as the crew member is revived. They’re a desperate species, much like the Vidiians, but they are not as technologically advanced so they’re in the begging stage. The Ferengi are name dropped, which I think is the second time we’ve heard about them in this series. While Phlox does make a cure, Archer eventually decides to just give them medicine that will help them get through the next 10 years and to see what happens. While he isn’t condemning them to die, he’s not really helping them either and that’s a really grey area of ickyness. Archer’s doing his best with very little supervision, but this isn’t his finest moment. I’m super torn about the nature versus science versus ethics and such that I’m not giving Porthos any cheese!

TA Out!

ENT: “Silent Enemy”

Date: September 15, 2021

Season 1, Episode 11

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Cause I’m in love with you in love with me…

Interstellar News: I’m not sure where today went, but it can stay there. I had an unsavory interaction with a neighbor and it just left me feeling off all day. On the plus side, the husband person and I went through all of our Munchkin cards for an idea we had for cosplay and swag. I’m super excited about it.

TL;DR: A ship no one recognizes keeps showing up and pissing off the Enterprise (not responding, leaving a monitoring device, boarding the ship, and doing some damage). Archer has doubts about having left Earth without being really ready while Tucker and Reed want to do the work themselves without having to return to Earth. Sato, all the while, was ordered to find out Reed’s favorite food for his surprise birthday treat. Spoiler alert: it’s pineapple.

Favorite Quote:

Larelle: I had sea bass.

Sato: Great! And Malcolm?

Larelle: I don’t remember.

Sato: Try, please.

Larelle: Maureen.

Sato: Is that a fish?

Larelle: No, she was the waitress. That’s why Malcolm wanted to go there. He had a thing for her. I think he hates fish.

Sato is trying so hard to find out Reed’s favorite food, and this exchange was so delightful.

“By the time we reach Jupiter Station, I don’t want their engineers to have a thing to do but give us a wash and a wax.”: What an absolutely ridiculous episode. I actually enjoyed Sato and Archer trying to figure out Reed’s favorite food, because it was so damn ludicrous. All of the discussions with Reed’s parents, sister, and some guy he trained with at the Academy just kept getting funnier. The conversation he has with Sato is so awful because they’re both incredibly inept at conversation, which is ironic for the comm officer. I’m also slightly horrified, but only slightly, that Phlox would invade medical privacy for a damn cake… but I’ve also never lived on a starship before, nor do I know if Denobulans take a Hippocratic Oath of some sorts.

The ship of the aliens that are never named and do not speak
Look like the Green Goblin has arrived, right?

The main plot of the ship that keeps returning was okay, but the aliens are never named and there’s never a reason given for what they were doing. One interesting thing, however, is we’re 11 episodes in and no one has died. Archer is compelled to think about how dangerous this mission really is and has he acted poorly as a captain, and no one had to die for him to come to this realization. This one gets 3 species for Porthos to play with: humans, Vulcans, and Denobulans.

TA Out!

ENT: “Cold Front”

Date: September 14, 2021

Season 1, Episode 10

Music Video of the Day:

I always tried so hard just to be that man who could make you forget him.

Interstellar News: Another strange day at work, an excellent session with my chiropractor, and my toes got some much needed love from the nail place down the street. Tonight we’ll be watching Doctor Strange in our Marvel movie marathon, and I’m sure I’ll write about it here one of these days.

TL;DR: Silik the Suliban is back and he’s on a mission. We’re introduced to a crewman named Daniels who turns out to be “from the future” or something. Enterprise changes course to visit a stellar nursery and say “hello” to some other species, including some holy men on a pilgrimage. Silik turns into one of these men and helps stop Enterprise from getting blown up, while Daniels is adamant that Silik and his handler must be stopped. Silik kills Daniels, Archer destroys a device from the future, Silik escapes, and they seal Daniels’s room.

Favorite Quote:

Tucker: I always knew we’d be meeting people from other planets, but other centuries? You’re not buying any of this, are you?

T’Pol: If Daniels could travel through time why not simply go back one more day into the past and prevent Silik from boarding this ship in the first place?

Tucker: Maybe that’s plan B.

T’Pol: Or maybe he’s really not from the future.

Tucker: Then why make up such a crazy story?

T’Pol: He could be trying to conceal his true intentions.

Tucker: I thought you scientists were supposed to keep an open mind.

T’Pol: There’s a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.

Tucker: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?

T’Pol confusing the hell out of Tucker.
Daniels shows Archer a bunch of stuff from his device

“Looks like we could be having guests. Tell Chef to prepare… something.”: Time travel makes my head hurt, usually, and this episode does it in a very strange way. They bring back the strange future man who is controlling the Suliban, but now they’re maybe the good guys? The guy rooming with Daniels gets reassigned and the cabin gets sealed, but you’re telling me there won’t be any rumors about it? Especially with a crew in the 80s? I do love that Phlox is well versed in many religions and is genuinely excited to learn about another. I hated that Porthos was relegated to a barking intruder alert and he didn’t try to bite Silik or anything. I truly enjoyed Fraddock, the captain of the other ship, because he was just a guy doing his job. It was a strange episode with a weird ending and it’s getting 4 training lessons for Porthos… bite his ankles!

TA Out!

ENT: “Fortunate Son”

Date: September 13, 2021

Season 1, Episode 9

Music Video of the Day:

Happy Birthday Dad, and your weird taste in music. I can’t believe we used to sing this in the car when I was a kid. Totally not appropriate.

Interstellar News: Today I had a case of the Mondays. It was also my dad’s birthday, as well as a few other good friends. Dinner was yummy, though, as we experimented marinating chicken in pickle juice.

TL;DR: The Fortunate, a cargo freighter, is attacked by Nausicaans and the Enterprise is routed to check on their distress signal. Ryan, the first officer, tries to get Enterprise to leave because they’ve captured a Nausicaan (seen as bullies in “Tapestry“) and want their revenge. Eventually Archer is able to negotiate a trade while Mayweather talks the first officer down. Ryan is demoted by the captain when he wakes up and he muses about how times are a-changing.

Favorite Quote:

Reed: Get down.

Phlox: Under the circumstances, I defer to your experience.

Dr. Phlox is cool as a cucumber under fire.

“Just because someone isn’t born on Earth doesn’t make him any less human.”: This was a quaint episode that had both good and not so good parts. The not so good parts are the story that I saw the moment the first officer didn’t want Enterprise‘s help and the flimsy reason why Enterprise was even called to check on them in the first place. I get that they’re the fastest ship out there, but really? What was its cargo that Starfleet was all abuzz and wanted to pull Enterprise off of its mission of exploration? Also, Ryan was trying to pull this off as a stand for mankind and all of the cargo ships, but he was really just in it for revenge and retribution.

Ryan standing guard next to the Nausicaan he captured
“I’m dealing with them the only way they understand.”

The good, however, was the use of Mayweather – even if it was super contrived. He hasn’t had much to do and this is an excellent way to use his skill set. The conversation between him and Archer is an important conversation and it was approached in the correct way. Mayweather is clearly new to this life but he approached his captain with respect and a genuine curiosity. Archer, knowing all this, uses this as a learning experience and it’s wonderful. I’m super torn on this episode, but they got the message right so it’s 6 tennis balls to throw for Porthos.

TA Out!