VOY: “Fury”

Date: April 15, 2021

Season 6, Episode 23

Music Video of the Day:

“My appropriate opiate has me out of it, I can’t believe you’re still upset Get over it, And leave me alone”

Interstellar News: Tuesday was Star Wars: Episode VIII (we’re almost done with our movie marathon) and Wednesday was poker night, but today is “Trek Thursday” so let’s get on with some Voyager.

TL;DR: A visibly older Kes, last seen in “The Gift“, asks permission to come aboard. She rams her ship into Voyager, beams aboard, does some damage to the ship, sucks energy out of the warp core, and disappears back in time to when Voyager had only been in the DQ for two months. She knocks her young self out, tries to sell out the Voyager crew out to the Vidiianss, and eventually gets killed by Janeway. Younger Kes records something so that when Voyager comes into contact with older Kes again, they’re all prepared. Kes returns to Ocampa along with a care package from Neelix.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: This may seem like a strange question, but I need to know if she’s pregnant.

EMH: I’m not at liberty to disclose that information. Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Janeway: What about Captain’s orders?

EMH: Sorry, medical protocol supersede your authority in these matters.

Janeway: The security of this ship could be at stake.

EMH: She planned on telling you herself.

Janeway: Boy or girl?

EMH: Female. Half Ktarian, as a matter of fact, which should nearly double the infant’s gestation period. How did you know?

Janeway and the EMH talking about Wildman’s pregnancy right before she tells Janeway… which means this episode’s time travel bits puts it before “Elogium
Tuvok with a birthday cake and one candle
Tuvok blows out the candle… “It was a fire hazard.”

“It took exhaustive research, sifting through teraquads of data, separating fact from rumor, but eventually I arrived at the truth.”: I did not like this episode. Kes was mad because she though Voyager had betrayed her, but she never explains why. I get she was trying to get her younger self back before she turned into whatever she was now, but the story just doesn’t quite make sense to me. When Janeway kills her and they go back to the top of the episode so only her and Tuvok know what’s happening, it completely erases everything’s that happened in the episode. Also, I find it hard to believe that whatever Kes did in the past kept Voyager‘s future exactly intact. When your favorite part of the episode is Janeway giving Tuvok a hard time about his birthday, and it’s even better the second time, you know the rest of the episode was suspect. We don’t really find out what Kes was up to, all of her rage dissipates when she sees her younger self and it’s not entirely convincing, and she clearly holds a lot of contempt for Neelix. Happy almost 3 digits to Tuvok!

TA Out!

VOY: “Muse”

Date: April 12, 2021

Season 6, Episode 22

Music Video of the Day:

I’ve been listening to this song A LOT. I’m a bit obsessed with the lyrics.

Interstellar News: Today was one of the first days in a long time that wasn’t fraught. The weather has been beautiful, but the pollen is still high.

TL;DR: Torres crash lands on a planet and is found by a poet named Kelis who is inspired by her story. He helps her gather parts to fix the ship while she tells him stories to impress his patron. Kim, who was supposed to be on escape pod, eventually shows up and they are able to contact Voyager who comes and saves them, but not before Torres helps Kelis one last time.

Favorite Quote:

Kelis: You’ve been in a fever since I found you. Bleeding is the best way to treat it.

Torres: Oh, I can see I’m in good hands.

Kelis: Something tells me you have your doubts.

Even sarcasm transcends language barriers.
Sponge Bob with a rainbow and the words 'inspiration'
” I’ve been visited by inspiration herself. How does this sound? The Rescue of B’Elanna Torres. Right here, in one week.”

“I have to sing for my supper, huh?”: This episode was way better than it should have been, but nonetheless I liked it very much. After watching a table reading of Taming of the Shrew on Sunday, this felt very Shakespearean… a play within a play. Kelis explains the tricks he uses to keep the audience engaged, which an older poet says is lazy writing, but all of those elements are in the story of Torres – both acted by the inhabitants of the planet and those acting in the episode. We get snippets of those on Voyager doing all they can to find Torres and Kim, but it’s Torres who gets most of the spotlight and it’s very good. She starts off being her usual self and then really gets involved, but not in a way to break the Prime Directive. The way the older poet at the end saves the show not once, but twice, and the words Kelis uses to stop the war are all their doing… Torres just helps them along. I also enjoy how Kim saves the day in a sort of believable way, how Tuvok snores in the Captain’s chair, and how Neelix is the Italian grandmother that just keeps the food and coffee flowing to try and solve everyone’s problems. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just really enjoyed this episode. It earns itself 8 potato latkas with sour cream and apple sauce on top!

TA Out!

Sports Night: Season 2, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

Date: April 11, 2021

Season 2, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

Music Video of the Day:

I’ve always loved this music video and how they surprised so many couples on their wedding day.

Interstellar News: I’m feeling froggy, so lets do THREE Sports Night episodes tonight.

Episode 1 – “Special Powers”

Dana talking to the audience because they're on a delay
“Hello, my name is Dana Whitaker. I’m the executive producer of Sports Night and I’m interrupting this broadcast to tell you that Casey took gymnastics after school for 7 years. How’s he looking to you now, girls?”

“It’s 60 days. Whatcha been waiting on, McCall?”: 90 days have elapsed since Gordon and Dana called off their engagement and Casey spends the whole episode being awkward around Dana. Jeremy and Natalie have been fighting, but figure it out, and Isaac is recovering from his stroke. Casey and Dana finally kiss and it’s absolutely adorable. It’s a wonderful way to start the second season and some foreshadowing of what is to come.

Episode 2 – “When Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Sam Donovan
“You shouldn’t think that just because I’m looking at you while you’re talking to me that I’m necessarily listening to or caring about what you’re saying. It’s just something I do to be polite.”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Dana. Everybody likes me.”: Isaac hires Sam Donovan, a ratings guy, to help improve the ratings of Sports Night. Sam is played by William H. Macy, who I adore from all kinds of things (including Mystery Men). Dana goes to a biker themed bachelorette party, which allows her to wear a smoking hot outfit but turns out to be the start of the world’s worst dating plan. Dan spends money to support Hillary Clinton, whom he has a bit of a crush on, and totally messes something up and obsesses over it… classic Danny. Another episode that moves this season along, after all of Season 1 was “will they, won’t they” it’s now just a matter of when or a “set number of women” as Natalie posits.

Episode 3 – “Cliff Gardner”

JJ and his two analysts
“One last thing, the first and last decision-making authority on this show will rest with Isaac Jaffee until Isaac Jaffee says otherwise, and if you disrespect him in my presence again, I will rededicate the rest of my life to ruining the rest of yours. And if you think I’m just mouthing at you, you should ask around about me. I have absolutely no conscience about these things.”

“Men like the sound of a woman whispering in their ear. They get playful.”: The show is stiff and Sam Donovan proves he’s worth his money by playing absolutely everyone and stealing their scripts and turning off the teleprompter so Dana and Natalie have to “whisper in Casey and Dan’s ears”, and it’s wonderful. JJ and two of the network’s directors come to “give notes” and the meeting doesn’t go well (though I get to see Tim DeKay who was phenomenal in White Collar), but Sam shows them the door in the most amazing way with a wonderful story about the guy who invented television and his brother-in-law. This episode shows Sam drawing a line in the sand and the audience gets to see he doesn’t side with the network, even though Dana and the gang don’t really know where he quite fits yet. Casey keeps trying to progress past Dana’s absolutely ridiculous dating plan, which is okay in spirit but terrible on paper.

TA Out!

VOY: “Live Fast and Prosper”

Date: April 10, 2021

Season 6, Episode 21

Music Video of the Day:

I absolutely love this song, it’s such a bop.

Interstellar News: I watched this episode FOREVER ago and am finally writing it up. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. The last few weeks have been rough, but I really have missed writing.

TL;DR: Neelix and Paris get conned by a trio of aliens that go on impersonating Janeway, Tuvok, and Chakotay throughout the Quadrant. The real Voyager catches up with the trio and are able to capture the imposter captain. She eventually escapes but Paris and the EMH are stowed aboard and some shenanigans happen to make it a good ending.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: I have to admit, I’m impressed.

Dala: I wish I could say the same. The great Captain Janeway. Somehow I expected you to be taller. I make a better you than you.

Janeway: Oh I don’t know, I’d say we’re very much alike. Resourceful, intelligent, ambitious. But with just one tiny difference.

Dala: And what is that?

Janeway: I’m not a liar and a thief. 

“I only lied about being a thief”. If you don’t get that reference, we can’t be friends.
fake Janeway and Tuvok
“Janeway” and “Tuvok:”

“I know it’s hard for you to believe, but occasionally some of us tell the truth.”: The last 10 minutes of this episode were the best. In the beginning you can tell something fishy is happening and once I find out it was Neelix and Paris who got conned, I started to lost interest. I mean it’s funny because they’re the two resident “bad boys” on Voyager and they got had, but it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately for them it’s causing the rest of the ship a bad name and it has to be rectified. The bit at the end where they fake out the other two aliens and it’s really the EMH is wonderful and it is nice to see the boys get their groove back and fake out the EMH too. I’m super torn about what to rate this episode because it says a lot about something when only the last 10 minutes are “good”. Husband and I watched Doom tonight, and it was awful. The best part was when they spent a few minutes in first-person shooter mode as a nod to its origins as a video game, but even that got old after 5 minutes. So I guess that’s the rating – 5 minutes in a 1990’s video game.

TA Out!

My Desktop Is Back!

Date: April 8, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

Happy to have my desktop back!

Life has been interesting and I have been just completely exhausted. It is my fondest intention to get back to Star Trek and writing on this blog more frequently.

My desktop died, but not really. At first it was randomly shutting down. Then the wireless card wouldn’t connect and when I used the troubleshoot to fix it, the entire system would freeze. The husband person who is also an electrical engineer and helped build this desktop thought it was the thermal paste and some other things, so he took apart the beast and put in some new parts (oh and got rid of some of the cat hair that was hiding despite vacuuming recently). Come to find out those things helped, but it was really just a bad update after his desktop displayed some of the same bad behavior.

We also had some guests recently. Two dear friends, who are fully vaccinated and desperately needed a road trip, as well as my in laws who came to collect some family items. They all left and so did hubs for a business trip, and it was three days of being a single parent to five fur children. Work has also finally slowed down, hubs is back, and I’m finally over not feeling great (despite the plant sex happening outside). I am hoping to write either a Star Trek or Sports Nights post tomorrow or Saturday. Missing you all!

TA Out!