ENT: “Future Tense”

History channel aliens guy "time travel"

Date: January 4, 2023

Season 2, Episode 16

Music Video of the Day:

Words can’t say and I can’t do enough to prove it’s all for you…

Interstellar News: We’ve been working on the Great Basement Remodel and have gone back to work – so life is back to being bananas. I’m coming up on some even busier days ahead, including being back in the classroom this semester. At least there are only 80 students this time.

TL;DR: Enterprise finds the remnants of a spacecraft with a dead humanoid inside. The Suliban and Tholians come after them, wanting the vessel, while Reed and Tucker find themselves in a time loop. T’Pol and Archer argue about getting involved in the Temporal Cold War – and then stuff starts disappearing. Archer believes the folks from the future saved them and muses about procreation.

Favorite Quote:

Archer: I wonder if they’ll believe that humans and Vulcans will be swapping chromosomes one day?

T’Pol: They’re more likely to believe in time travel.

Har har har – we get it, Spock hasn’t been born yet.
Tucker and Reed fixing something

“How can a ship be bigger on the inside than the outside?”: Part of the problem with me watching episodes and then not writing about them for a while, is they begin to fade. I always take notes when I watch, but my notes are all absolute nonsense on this one – likely because of the time travel shenanigans. I love that Tucker things the vessel they found is basically a TARDIS, and him and Reed getting stuck in a time loop was fun. I didn’t hate this episode, but I also didn’t love it because I don’t remember it all that well. I think Porthos would rather be sleeping in front of a fireplace than watch this episode, but who can blame him? Move over Porthos, I need some snuggles.

TA Out!

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