2023 and STILL No Flying Cars

Date: January 2, 2023

Music Video of the Day:

Don’t spend today away, cause today will soon be gone, like yesterday is gone…” 

Interstellar News: Another year has come and gone. 2022 had a lot of changes for me both personally and professionally.

Professionally – We finally got another advisor on the team as well as a student services specialist and two graduate student interns. This means we’re going into 2023 fully staffed, as well as our largest number of undergraduate students ever… yay? I co-chaired a committee on professional development and put on a successful half-day symposium. Everyone who is more important than I am at work seems to think I’m doing a good job, so I’ll just keep trucking along.

Miyoni (the otter), Frankie (the unicorn), Andrea (the T-rex), and Tuff (the wolf)

Personally – I got to do a lot more travel, which made me extremely happy: Virginia (twice), New York (five times), Indianapolis (IN – for a convention), Charlotte (NC – to see Billy Joel in concert), Red Lodge (MT – for a wedding), Atlanta (GA – Dragon Con!), NJ, Salt Lake City (UT – for a convention), Maderia Beach (FL – to perform my best friend’s wedding), and St. Louis (MO). I also started to take my physical and mental health a bit more seriously, something I plan to double down on in 2023.

The husband person finished the built in bookshelves in the living room (they are gorgeous and just need some finishing touches), we hired someone to build us an amazing back deck (complete with stairs for us and Zoom), and we started the GREAT DOWNSTAIRS REMODEL. 2023 is going to be hella expensive – but absolutely worth it when it’s all said and done.

some cools books being held up by a cat bookend

I’ve watched a lot of Trek I haven’t written about – so that’s up first. I may do more Marvel MCU movies, or perhaps some TV reviews here and there. I also may be doing more PA work for one of my author friends, so I might have to muster up some “free time” first. I’m also back to teaching this semester, which I am not looking forward to for some reason.

Remember to be excellent to each other, party on dudes, live long and prosper, and may the Force be with us all. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2023.

TA Out!

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I'm just a big city girl living in a not so big city with my fur children and partner.

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