Sports Night: “Napoleon’s Battle Plan”

Date: March 12, 2021

Season 1, Episode 22

Music Video of the Day: Happy 12th Day of Women’s History Month!

The entire “Falling Into You” album is amazing.

Interstellar News: It was 80 degrees today! It’s my Godmother’s 70th birthday! We got the wrong DoorDash order, but then it got refunded so we got 12 free chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme donuts! Two of my very dear friends got their second shot today! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! Also, I’m YouTube famous… check me out!

Favorite Quote:

Natalie: But you know about sharing.

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: And you know about punishment.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Natalie: Good.

Jeremy doesn’t know what’s going on half the time, but he knows enough.

“Gordon, I’ve been strange my entire life.”: Casey and Dan are without their pants! Jeremy doesn’t want to donate blood and Casey doesn’t have a plan so Dan tells Natalie who tells Dana about Gordon and Sally. This episode really brings to a head the big arc of this season that started all the way back in “Intellectual Property” where we meet Gordon. Everyone is pulling for Casey, which says a lot about both Casey and Gordon, but Dana doesn’t have all of the information. Casey is both worried about his image in Dana’s eyes and also hurting her in several different ways. Dana surprises everyone, including maybe herself, but staying with Gordon despite his dalliance. On her values scale she seems to be more interested in getting married and settling down, but she’s not seeing how much she’s compromising. Gordon already doesn’t like her job, and I doubt it’s going to give him the warm fuzzies to not have his wife by his side because she’s running a sports show. It’s an understandable decision, however, because I’m on the outside and can see the situation from the high ground (both an in-episode joke AND a Star Wars reference, teehee). When you’re in love and want something and someone so bad, it’s sometimes possible that you make the worst decisions, or at least ones that don’t really help you in the long run.

Napoleon from BILL AND TED
Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.

I love that no one cares that Jeremy doesn’t want to give blood, for me it’s totally the needles. I also love that Dan and Casey are without pants at least twice and need to walk through the entire office and do part of the show without their pants on. I love how Natalie immediately goes to tell Dana and Dan waits to tell Casey, but I also love that Dan later has second thoughts that he can’t take back. I forgot how very much I love Natalie and how this episode made me upset with Dana because I knew she deserved better. Not necessarily Casey, but at least someone who appreciated her more and understood how important her job was to her. I’ll cover the season finale tomorrow, likely, unless I get more Trek watched.

TA Out!

Sports Night: “Ten Wickets”

Date: March 11, 2021

Season 1, Episode 21

Music Videos of the Day: Happy 11th Day of Women’s History Month and 311 day!

I am so absolutely in love with this song.
Happy 311 day! Also, listen to “Amber” while you’re at it.

Interstellar News: I was on my first Virtual Dragon Con Panel tonight thanks to Gary and Joe at the American Sci-Fi Classics Track. Check them out on your favorite social media platform!

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: Here’s something: “Raj Rajhan edged a humble snorter to the slips where Suarav Ganguly dived to his right to pick up a low snatch.” 

The humble snorter went straight to the slips and the snatch was obviously lower than it ordinarily is.

Casey: Yes.

Jeremy: I’m getting to the bottom of this.

No one knows anything about cricket.
A cricket game
“It’s not that hard to understand. There’s a bowler, see, and there’s a batsman.”

“What market analyst wouldn’t love an antique abacus from Dang Luck?: It’s a week after the bomb threat, Dana’s forgetting things, Natalie still won’t let Jeremy break up with her, and Dan is hoping Rebecca will choose him. Plus there’s something amazing happening in a Cricket match, but no one understands the sport enough to actually know what’s going on. This episode has such high highs and low lows, and it’s wonderful. Casey won’t let the bomb threat go and he’s still mad at Dana, they have this fantastic argument and then later make up and it shows the depth of their friendship. Jeremy finally lets Natalie back in, even though she never left, and it’s wonderful because they’re absolutely adorable together. Dan is the real heartbreak here as Rebecca decides to give it another go with her husband. It’s the right decision for her but it devastates Dan, though I admire his perseverance and his ability to stay sober until the show is over. Casey also gets a blow when Dana drops the bomb (sorry, couldn’t help myself) that Gordon’s going to ask her to marry him. This sets up so many things that are going to happen in the next few episodes, and it’s an important episode. I absolutely love drunk Dan, Jeremy desperately trying to understand cricket, and how you know exactly what Rebecca’s going to say the minute she shows up on set. Oh well, let’s just blame it all on Jerry Falwell.

TA Out!

VOY: “Good Shepherd”

Date: March 10, 2021

Season 6, Episode 20

Music Video of the Day: Happy 10th Day of Women’s History Month!

I absolutely love this song, the lyrics, and this music video. Pink smashes this one out of the park.

Interstellar News: Today was absolutely gorgeous out and I got some great news, so I think it was a pretty awesome day.

TL;DR: Janeway takes Celes, Harren, and Telfer on a proper away mission as they’ve slipped through the cracks all these years. Things go to hell but they work together as a (dysfunctional) team and eventually are rescued by Voyager.

Derrial Book from FIREFLY
“The good shepherd went after some lost sheep, and ran into a wolf.”

Favorite Quote:

Harren: What do you know about my expertise?

Janeway: As much as I need to.

Harren: Well then, you might be interested to know that I’m about to disprove Schlezholt’s theory of multiple big bangs.

Janeway: Really? Wang’s second postulate has more lives than a cat, doesn’t it? Once you think you’ve eliminated it, BAM, it pops up again. I’ll give you a hand if you’d like, when the away mission is over.

Janeway always has an answer for everyone. Don’t mess with the Captain!
German Shepherd dog
“The cosmos is sixteen billion years old. It can wait another few minutes.”

“If it wanted to get to know me better, it should have just asked me out for a drink.”: I am super torn about this episode. In some way it reminds me of “Lower Decks” where you get to see what some of the non-main crew is up to. Celes tries super hard but has self esteem issues, Harren has the brains of a Vulcan and is totally a Ravenclaw, and Telfer is a nervous hypochondriac. We get to find out a little about each of them through the lens of Janeway and NO ONE DIES! I was totally shocked and pleased at this development. The opening sequence didn’t really do anything for me, Seven’s analysis is merely just a way to get Janeway to the plot, and the end is meh because they all could have totally died but didn’t because the Captain was on board and in the opening credits… sigh. The middle part where Janeway assigns the trio to the mission, gets lost on Deck 15, and tries to get to know them better is actually not terrible. I rate this at 4 or maybe 5 religious metaphors, because they are NOT IRRELEVANT!

TA Out!

Sports Night: “Ordinance Tactics”

Date: March 9, 2021

Season 1, Episode 20

Music Video of the Day: Happy 9th Day of Women’s History Month.

This all-female band really rocks it out.

Interstellar News: Tonight we continued our Star Wars marathon with Rogue One, so no Trek was watched tonight.

Favorite Quote:

Dana: We’re in charge. We’re women in charge. And we’re keeping it together. That’s what we do.

Casey: That’s what you do.

Dana: That’s right.

Casey: Well we’re men, we’re petrified. That’s what we do.

Dana and Natalie explaining to Casey and Dan why they aren’t losing their minds.
Adam West's Batman holding a bomb
“Hey you’re afraid of fish, okay? I’m afraid of dying in a hail of shrapnel, who’s crazier?”

“I just wanted to say that if anything terrible ever had to happen to one of us, I’d want it to be you.”: This episode always reminds me of my three years at Colonia Middle school. Every year, from 6th – 8th grade, we had a bomb scare. Every year we were fine, even the one where they found a pipe bomb a kid was making because he thought it would be cool to get out of school for a few weeks or more. I was never scared because I trusted the dogs and the bomb squad and the adults to keep me and my friends safe. Dana and the rest of the staff go right back to their jobs and understand the sense of urgency while Dan and Casey have their first dose of reality and then come to realize it wasn’t even about them but someone else in the building who was offensive to someone else. Dana is also dealing with Isaac being gone and having to do extra work, to delegate some to Sally because reasons, and Natalie who is still dealing with Jeremy trying to break up with her. This is not the best episode ever, but it’s certainly one that shows how to keep going when it feels like the world is falling apart.

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VOY: “Child’s Play”

Date: March 8, 2021

Season 6, Episode 19

Music Video of the Day: Happy 8th Day of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Yes, there’s this song, but the entire “Jagged Little Pill” album is boss. I owned it on cassette, and yes I’m dating myself.

Interstellar News: Today was a beautiful day out, which means we got to take Professor Zoom for a much longer walk than usual. I also got to deliver cookies to a friend for their birthday and had a wonderful video chat with a dear and beloved friend.

TL;DR: Icheb’s family is found and Seven has trouble letting him go. Icheb eventually decides to stay with his family, but Seven and Janeway realize there are some inconsistencies with the family’s story and head back to investigate. Icheb was genetically engineered to be the pathogen for the Borg and they’ve sent him back out to be assimilated again. Voyager rescues him, damages a Borg sphere, and skedaddle off home with Icheb in tow once again.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: You could have done it with a little more tact.

Seven of Nine: Perhaps, but that doesn’t alter the fact that those individuals may not be suitable guardians.

Janeway: Those individuals are his mother and father.

Seven of Nine: Which is no guarantee that they’ll be able to care for him.

Seven pointing out that it’s not genetics that make a “good” or “capable” parent.
Leelo and Stitch: "this is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little and broken, but still good."
EMH: Oh, I should have known. You’ve got butterflies in there.
Icheb: I never assimilated butterflies.

“With all their technology, their opportunity to explore the galaxy, the thing they want most is to get home.”: This is a direct follow-up to “Collective“, though this time we find out Icheb was the delivery method all along. I love the science fair and it’s also great for Naomi that there are more young people on board. This is a decent vehicle for Seven to deal with some of her emotions and to show how she has developed over the past few years. I was also really shocked by the twist that Icheb was a weapon and he was genetically engineered, though looking back all of the signs were there. I will say I did like the father over time. At their first meal he encouraged Icheb to try it because his mother spent a great deal of time making it just for him. On the planet while watching the stars he also pointed out all of the good qualities of Voyager, and he truly seemed genuine. He was also the one arguing against using Icheb as a weapon again, even though he eventually reneged. Not sure how to rate this one, so I’m going with 5 supporting characters from Justice League since that’s all over the news today.

TA Out!