ENT: “Vox Sola” and “Fallen Hero”

Date: January 12, 2022

Season 1, Episodes 22 and 23

Music Video of the Day:

“You can tell me how you just don’t fit in, and how you’re gonna be something…”

Interstellar News: Happy 2022! Life has been completely messy and stressful and overwhelming, but I think writing will help me have something to ground me. At least, that’s the hope! I’m teaching again this semester, so please send me all your warm and healthy thoughts. Professor Zoom turned 5 yesterday, so also send him all your birthday love.

TL;DR: In “Vox Sola” there’s a first contact with the Kreetassans, a language barrier, and an organism that is far from home. Sato and Mayweather get to save the day.

Sato tries to communicate with three Kreetassans
Sato: “You eat like you mate?”
Tucker: “You sure that thing’s working?”

In “Fallen Hero” the crew is introduced to the idea of Risa and T’Pol gets to meet the rather odd (by Vulcan standards) Ambassador V’Lar. After much secrecy the mission is finally revealed and the Enterprise crew helps V’Lar.

Favorite Quotes:

T’Pol: On Vulcan, we mate only once every seven years.

Tucker: That’s a hell of a dry spell.

Oh, Florida Man. You never fail me with your words.

Captain’s Orders: “If you’ve learned anything about humans, you’d know we don’t always take the most logical course of action.”

“I wouldn’t want to be taking a swim if the gravity plating went offline.”: This is another episode that shows us just how little they knew at first, and how dreadfully handy the universal translator is. The Kreetassans are offended by the crew eating in public but are satisfied by an apology that Mayweather is totally happy to give. The being that takes over some of the crew makes it look like when Frodo gets wrapped up by the spider and has an interesting side effect of their minds being linked. Too bad it’s not permanent, hehe. Porthos does his best to try to tell Archer there’s something on the ship – but no one listens, poor boy. Phlox does his doctorly duty by checking if the being is sentient and Sato does her best to communicate, trying to make up for her earlier failure. Sato and T’Pol also come to a good understanding, and I’m glad they finally had this conversation. Overall, it’s 6 “good bois” for Porthos.

Ambassador V'Lar offering to shake hands with Archer while Tucker looks on, stunned
“Commander Tucker, I understood that on your world it is considered bad manners to ask a lady her age.”

“Rule number one, you’ve got to be seen to get noticed. And I plan on getting noticed.”: This was actually a good and interesting bit of Vulcan intrigue. I love that T’Pol basically asks if the boys need sex, but clearly not from her, and that it’s the Vulcans that point out Risa as a place of relaxation. I really like V’Lar, as she has taken her position as an Ambassador to heart and used it to experience things she might not have otherwise. She makes attempts at humor, she tries different foods, and she makes sure her job is the top priority… always. I love that Admiral Forrest is a bit sarcastic, I really hope he doesn’t fall into the trope of admirals who are assholes. I also genuinely enjoyed how the ship was on the struggle bus when it tried to go to warp 5. It reminded me of the sub on Down Periscope when it almost burst. I’m also curious if the rest of the crew knows what the hell is going on, as there doesn’t seem to be a ship-wide comm system yet. This episode gets 7 stuffies for Porthos to destroy (it’s Professor Zoom’s favorite pastime, when he’s not chewing on his emotional support bone that is).

TA Out!

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