The End of 2021

Date: December 31, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

I hate that this song is hella old now…

Interstellar News: I completely dropped the ball, no pun intended, and haven’t finished… again. To make up for it, here are adorable animal pictures. It’s what Betty White would have wanted. As I was writing this post, news of her passing hit. I absolutely lover her in The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland, The Proposal, Lake Placid, and almost everything she’s every done. She was a kind soul and loved animals, and I firmly believe the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like her.

Tempura looking like her usual self in the cat tower

I haven’t even written in December, and for that I am eternally sorry.

Jazz looking incredibly adorable with all of his whiskers

2020 and 2021 have been two incredibly difficult years, when I thought things just couldn’t get worse from 2019 when I lost my Mom. Between the apocalypse that never ends and work that keeps getting more intense, I thought Star Trek and Marvel would be my escape. I’ve at least started on Season 2 of Enterprise and we’ve finished the Marvel marathon. Technically we still have Shang Chi and The Eternals – but since I’ve never seen them I’m calling the marathon “finished” in 2021. I’ll write up the others eventually, but I also watched all of the other Spider-Men movies (1, 2, 3, Amazing 1, Amazing 2, and Spider-verse) along with the canon MCU ones. We finished all of the Star Wars movies, the Ocean’s trilogy, and probably a ton of other stuff I can’t remember.

Here is Thor laying ON TOP of Loki, even though there are plenty of other seats in the house.

Work has been incredibly difficult and this year was loooooong. I could swear Biden was almost halfway through his term when I realized he just was inaugurated in 2021. The boat thing happened and so did a million other things. I’ve been vaccinated twice – once with J&J and once with a Moderna booster. They were both incredibly difficult things for me to do and I’m so done with people who both won’t get vaccinated (not can’t, just won’t) and who still refuse to mask, stay home when sick, wash their hands, etc.

Professor Zoom at his most adorable, looking at the camera

I will close out this year like I did the year before – wash your hands, be kind, live long and prosper, be excellent to each other, and may the Force be with us always.

TA Out!

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