ENT: “Cold Front”

Date: September 14, 2021

Season 1, Episode 11

Music Video of the Day:

I always tried so hard just to be that man who could make you forget him.

Interstellar News: Another strange day at work, an excellent session with my chiropractor, and my toes got some much needed love from the nail place down the street. Tonight we’ll be watching Doctor Strange in our Marvel movie marathon, and I’m sure I’ll write about it here one of these days.

TL;DR: Silik the Suliban is back and he’s on a mission. We’re introduced to a crewman named Daniels who turns out to be “from the future” or something. Enterprise changes course to visit a stellar nursery and say “hello” to some other species, including some holy men on a pilgrimage. Silik turns into one of these men and helps stop Enterprise from getting blown up, while Daniels is adamant that Silik and his handler must be stopped. Silik kills Daniels, Archer destroys a device from the future, Silik escapes, and they seal Daniels’s room.

Favorite Quote:

Tucker: I always knew we’d be meeting people from other planets, but other centuries? You’re not buying any of this, are you?

T’Pol: If Daniels could travel through time why not simply go back one more day into the past and prevent Silik from boarding this ship in the first place?

Tucker: Maybe that’s plan B.

T’Pol: Or maybe he’s really not from the future.

Tucker: Then why make up such a crazy story?

T’Pol: He could be trying to conceal his true intentions.

Tucker: I thought you scientists were supposed to keep an open mind.

T’Pol: There’s a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.

Tucker: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?

T’Pol confusing the hell out of Tucker.
Daniels shows Archer a bunch of stuff from his device

“Looks like we could be having guests. Tell Chef to prepare… something.”: Time travel makes my head hurt, usually, and this episode does it in a very strange way. They bring back the strange future man who is controlling the Suliban, but now they’re maybe the good guys? The guy rooming with Daniels gets reassigned and the cabin gets sealed, but you’re telling me there won’t be any rumors about it? Especially with a crew in the 80s? I do love that Phlox is well versed in many religions and is genuinely excited to learn about another. I hated that Porthos was relegated to a barking intruder alert and he didn’t try to bite Silik or anything. I truly enjoyed Fraddock, the captain of the other ship, because he was just a guy doing his job. It was a strange episode with a weird ending and it’s getting 4 training lessons for Porthos… bite his ankles!

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