ENT: “Silent Enemy”

Date: September 15, 2021

Season 1, Episode 12

Music Video of the Day:

Cause I’m in love with you in love with me…

Interstellar News: I’m not sure where today went, but it can stay there. I had an unsavory interaction with a neighbor and it just left me feeling off all day. On the plus side, the husband person and I went through all of our Munchkin cards for an idea we had for cosplay and swag. I’m super excited about it.

TL;DR: A ship no one recognizes keeps showing up and pissing off the Enterprise (not responding, leaving a monitoring device, boarding the ship, and doing some damage). Archer has doubts about having left Earth without being really ready while Tucker and Reed want to do the work themselves without having to return to Earth. Sato, all the while, was ordered to find out Reed’s favorite food for his surprise birthday treat. Spoiler alert: it’s pineapple.

Favorite Quote:

Larelle: I had sea bass.

Sato: Great! And Malcolm?

Larelle: I don’t remember.

Sato: Try, please.

Larelle: Maureen.

Sato: Is that a fish?

Larelle: No, she was the waitress. That’s why Malcolm wanted to go there. He had a thing for her. I think he hates fish.

Sato is trying so hard to find out Reed’s favorite food, and this exchange was so delightful.

“By the time we reach Jupiter Station, I don’t want their engineers to have a thing to do but give us a wash and a wax.”: What an absolutely ridiculous episode. I actually enjoyed Sato and Archer trying to figure out Reed’s favorite food, because it was so damn ludicrous. All of the discussions with Reed’s parents, sister, and some guy he trained with at the Academy just kept getting funnier. The conversation he has with Sato is so awful because they’re both incredibly inept at conversation, which is ironic for the comm officer. I’m also slightly horrified, but only slightly, that Phlox would invade medical privacy for a damn cake… but I’ve also never lived on a starship before, nor do I know if Denobulans take a Hippocratic Oath of some sorts.

The ship of the aliens that are never named and do not speak
Look like the Green Goblin has arrived, right?

The main plot of the ship that keeps returning was okay, but the aliens are never named and there’s never a reason given for what they were doing. One interesting thing, however, is we’re 11 episodes in and no one has died. Archer is compelled to think about how dangerous this mission really is and has he acted poorly as a captain, and no one had to die for him to come to this realization. This one gets 3 species for Porthos to play with: humans, Vulcans, and Denobulans.

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