It’s the end of the Quantum Realm and Asgard as we know it…

Date: February 10, 2022

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We can, and should, totally talk about Bruno.

Interstellar News: When I started this post – it was January. Since then I’ve finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition, that was started last week as well as Shang-Chi and Eternals… which I watched for the first time. I also haven’t watched a lick of Star Trek because life has been insanely busy and I’ve been a touch depressed. Therapy seems to work better when the weather is nicer. Anyway – here’s a double post on some Marvel movies from the re-watch.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Ant Man and the Wasp movie poster
“Do you guys just put the word ‘Quantum’ in front of everything?”

“You can do anything. You’re the World’s Greatest Grandma.”: I love so much about this movie, just as much as I scream “convenience physics” and “because the plot demands it” all over the place. The banter between Scott and Hope is fantastic, and Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly continue to knock it out of the park. It was great to see Agent Woo again, after seeing him in WandaVision, and remembering where he got his start. I love how accepting and helpful Maggie and Jim have become, and how Scott is just part of the family now instead of being persona non grata. This is how a family should be when divorce is involved – it’s so much healthier for the kiddos.

Hannah John-Kamen in her ghost suit
“You’re not gonna reach into my chest and crush my heart, are you?”

I disliked most of the Ghost plot but did love how Michelle Pfeiffer was on screen for 10 minutes and stole the whole damn movie by fixing the problem and making sense. What guts me is Scott being stuck in the Quantum realm while the other three are dusted and realizing that Ava probably has not been helped because they were there trying to fix her. I did enjoy the two old men going at it when we first meet Bill Foster, but I hated the way it eventually wound up. Still it’s a delightful movie, especially because of Luis.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Ragnarok movie poster

“He’s a friend from work!”: This movie has a most excellent soundtrack, a wonderful script when it comes to dialogue between characters, and some fabulous acting by many involved. We get to find out what happened to Hulk/Banner, Thor goes through a lot of growth, and Jeff Goldblum gets to do his thing. There are some badass female characters in Hela and Valkyrie, and Korg is an absolute delight. I love the opening with Surtur, Thor playing chicken with Loki (who is impersonating Odin), and Dr. Strange. I’m disappointed but not surprised that Odin continues to be one of the worst fathers in the MCU, never learning from his mistakes, and the boys need to try to clean up his mess that really anyone of a certain age in Asgard could have told them.

Odin, Loki, Hela, Hulk, Thor, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Grandmaster (from left to right)
“Open communication was never our family’s forte.”

Hela is wonderful as the most ambitious Slytherin there ever was, and it really makes Thor look adopted when you put her next to Loki. I absolutely love everything that happens on Sakaar, even overlooking the fact that Hulk has been murdering for sport for 2 years. The look on Loki’s face when he realizes Hulk is there, as well as what happens when Thor gets tossed around like a rag doll, is absolutely priceless and delightful. Back on Asgard, the last battle scene is epic. It’s heartbreaking to see it go up in flames and then it’s even worse that Loki’s mischief caused attention from Thanos and even more of their population was wiped out for just existing. I so enjoy watching the movie, but when I actually think of all of the things that happen in the movie – it’s a damn downer. Especially when they grossly misuse Karl Urban… sigh.

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