ENT: “Fusion”

Date: November 2, 2021

Season 1, Episode 17

Music Video of the Day:

“Well, tell me, how am I supposed to save a girl like you when I don’t even know how to save myself?”

Interstellar News: It was an incredibly busy day at work. I’m so thankful the husband person took Monday off and did all of the laundry – because there was no time to do anything but put out fires all day. I managed to watch TWO episodes of Enterprise, though I barely have anything left to offer for today… so today’s post is going to be short.

TL;DR: The Enterprise encounters a ship of hippie Vulcans who do not repress their emotions and are not vegetarians. Tucker and Kov, their engineer, get along fine – asking each other questions about the other’s race – but Kov’s father is dying and wants to talk to him one more time. Archer encourages T’Pol to keep an open mind. She spends a lot of time with Tolaris who winds up physically and mentally assaulting her and Archer. The Vulcans leave and nothing bad happens to them… sigh.

Favorite Quote:

Tucker: “You probably don’t know this, but regret is one of the strongest emotions and one of the saddest. I have a feeling you haven’t had a brush with it yet, but it sounds to me like you’re pretty close. That’s something you might want to avoid.”

Tucker imparting some wisdom on Kov.
Tolaris and T'Pol talking to each other
Logic is an essential part of Vulcan existence, but it has to complement emotions, not exclude them.”

“Just because they smile and eat chicken doesn’t mean they’ve learned to master their emotions.”: I absolutely hate how there’s once again an episode where a female crew member is somehow assaulted and there’s no justice, no punishment, and no sign of any consequences. The bit about Tucker and Kov is wonderful, as well as the “lesson” on regret… but it’s all spoiled by the dude who can’t keep his mind in his meld. Dr. Phlox, at least, gives wonderful advice when he tells T’Pol to ease into things that these folks have been at for years. It was advice that she should have told to Tolaris, not that he would listen. But nothing bad happens to Tolaris and even Archer just gets thrown into a locker for his trouble. Such absolute bullshit. No treats for Porthos on this episode, it’s just one more bad assault episode that I won’t rewatch.

TA Out!

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