ENT: Season 2, “Stigma” and “Cease Fire”

Date: November 11, 2022

Season 2, Episodes: 14, “Stigma” and 15, “Cease Fire”

Music Video of the Day:

Recently featured in Clerks III, this song sums up my relationship with my home state.
I’d give anything to go home. I gave up everything to leave.”

Interstellar News: My life has been unusually hectic lately. I’ve been watching Trek, but it’s been hard to have the time to sit down and write the words when I am stuck behind the keyboard for my day job. First Year Fred has been keeping me on my toes and I’ve been able to do a bit more travel recently. I had a wonderful trip to Florida where I officiated my best friend’s wedding, I got to see Clerks III and listed to Kevin Smith after, and I’m super stoked for my upcoming trip to St. Louis in a few days.

As today is Veteran’s Day, I’ll thank all for their service – it’s not a happy day, but one for reflection on the sacrifice of others.

Episode 14 – “Stigma”

“And because you find them undesirable they’re not entitled to medical care?”: T’Pol has contracted an illness because of the mind meld she was forced to endure. The Vulcans are prejudiced bastards and Archer is gobsmacked at their behavior and intolerance. Phlox’s second wife, Fezal, comes aboard and hits on Tucker – who is too vanilla to consider polyamory a valid lifestyle choice.

Fezal and Phlox
“We got rid of bigotry nearly a century ago. We’re not afraid of diversity. We don’t persecute it, we embrace it. If you call yourselves enlightened, you have to accept people who are different than you are.”

This is clearly the “AIDS episode” and you couldn’t miss the symbolism if it river-danced on your couch. There are a lot of things this episode gets right, and it’s hard to watch because it’s still so damn prevalent today. People are fearful of what they don’t understand, almost always find a way to blame the victim, and think a man needs to save the day. T’Pol, being the only adult on board ever, knows she should be entitled to medical treatment NO MATTER how she was infected. Archer is doing his best to dress down the Vulcans about their intolerance, but he does his usual ineffective pontificating.

My favorite bits, though, were Phlox and Fezal. They are so fucking adorable AND it was a positive display of polyamory/polygamy. I will note that everyone does polyamory differently, and because marriage is involved that becomes more polygamy – but they were respectful of their time together, gossiped about family, and encouraged each other to pursue their own passions. Tucker, bless his heart, is working on the wrong damn ship. The whole point is to explore other cultures. You don’t have to agree with them, you don’t have to understand them, you don’t have to participate in them – but you DO have to respect that people have other views that can be just as valid. Now that I’m done with my rant – I’m giving this episode 5 borks from Porthos… bork bork bork bork bork.

Episode 15 – “Cease Fire”

“And my underwear is flame-retardant. That doesn’t mean I’m going to light myself on fire to prove it.”: The Andorians are battling Vulcans, when Shran calls for Archer to mediate the conflict. Archer wings it, Shran is betrayed, and Soval is not a total dick.

Join me in a drink to celebrate our mutual dissatisfaction.

I actually enjoyed this episode a lot, and not just because Suzie Plaxson was in it! Archer gets to savor the Vulcans asking him for help and he thinks about what the future will look like (ahem, the Federation, cough cough). Shran seems more amenable to peaceful negotiation with Archer around and Soval does his typical Vulcan stoic bit. While I hate the “pink skin” moniker, Shran says it with admiration. This is different than how Tarah says it, almost with disdain. It’s also telling about how little humans really thought about space travel, since Archer was the closest thing they had to an ambassador… sigh. 8 treat-os for Porthos!

TA Out!

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