ENT: Season 2, “The Catwalk” and “Dawn”

Date: September 18, 2022

Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13

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Interstellar News: I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. We went to a concert, caught Covid, got better, went to Galaxy Con, then some other stuff happened, then there was Dragon Con, and then a surprise birthday party for my dad, and finally I’m heading to SLC for FanX this weekend – wheeeeeee. Today, I hope to tackle 7 loads of laundry and write up this long overdue post.

Episode 12 – “The Catwalk”

“It’s hard to tell them apart in those ridiculous hats.”: Enterprise and three members of another ship weather a class-5 neutronic storm in the catwalk for a week. The three aliens are actually fugitives, the crew of the Enterprise saves the day, and T’Pol even joins the crew for movie night after they all survive the storm.

The crew sits around the catwalk playing "go fish" or poker or something

I write notes while I watch an episode because I don’t always remember everything, or lately it’s because I write about them way after I’ve watched it. I wrote down “Porthos was a good fucking boy”, but now I don’t remember why – likely because he was good in a crisis situation and gave Archer lots of love and attention in the several scenes he was in. It takes a special pupper to deal with turbulence and other people’s stank for a week, so kudos to Porthos. This was a pretty standard Trek episode, though with an industrial engineering twist. They were able to come up with a plan in very little time, that likely became some sort of standard protocol in the event of another similar emergency. 5 hours of pets for Porthos, who is the only quadruped on board.

Also, fun story about this episode. According to the Captain’s Log – this episode took place on September 18, 2152.

Episode 13 – “Dawn”

“Unfortunately, your first word is something you wouldn’t want to use in polite company.”: Tucker has a run in with a hostile alien, an Arkonian named Zho’Kaan, while in a shuttlepod. They encounter each other again on a desert planet but eventually come to an understanding and work together. Enterprise reaches the planet first, but Zho’Kaan would die – so Tucker waits for another option. They both get saved at the last minute and come to an even better understanding of each other before parting ways.

Tucker being put in a headlock by the alien he's trapped with

This episode is very much like “Darmok“, but not quite as good or meme-able. There’s a part where Zho’Kaan uses something like velociraptor spit and I laughed a lot. When Tucker was trying to help Zho’Kaan to understand him, there was a bit of “who’s on first” going on, which was also quite humorous. Tucker is the quintessential Starfleet officer, leaving no man behind and doing his best to work well with others – especially under the circumstances and limited resources. I really enjoyed this episode, and it gets 7 bowls of water for Porthos.

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