ENT: Season 2, 5 more episodes (7 – 11)

Date: July 19, 2022

Season 2, Episodes:

  • 7, “The Seventh”
  • 8, “The Communicator”
  • 9, “Singularity”
  • 10, “Vanishing Point”
  • 11, “Precious Cargo”

Music Video of the Day:

This song was in an episode of A Discovery of Witches and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since I watched that episode.

Interstellar News: I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote in here. Life has been absolutely bonkers and I haven’t had the bandwidth, or spoons, to do much writing. I have watched a lot and have on backlog – so here are 5 more episodes with my apologies.

Episode 7 – “The Seventh”

“When you don’t have the ability to repress emotions, you learn to deal with them and move on..”: T’Pol goes after a renegade Vulcan named Menos. On the ship, Tucker is acting captain while Archer and Mayweather go off with T’Pol. Menos claims to be innocent, T’Pol’s memories were tampered with, and in the end Menos winds up in Vulcan custody.

Menos in a fur coat
“We don’t do quickly and quietly very well but we are good at arithmetic. It seems there are three of us and only one of you.”

I couldn’t quite get into this episode. There was a lot of trying to figure out what actually happened, and I hate that T’Pol had her mind messed with. I did like how supportive and compassionate Archer was, as it was really T’Pol’s mission and episode. Otherwise, not much to say. Four goldfish crackers for Porthos, crunch crunch.

Episode 8 – “The Communicator”

“You don’t have to leave technology behind to contaminate a culture.”: Reed’s communicator goes missing on a pre-warp planet. Archer and Reed get caught when trying to retrieve it and are thought to be spies. Tucker and Mayweather fix the Suliban ship, while Tucker becomes partially cloaked, in order to rescue the boys.

Reed realizing his communicator is missing
“It’s gone.”

Archer isn’t the best at improv, but he does try his best. I love that it’s their red blood that terrifies the locals and a doctor is brought in to examine the strange organs. Not often enough are the biological differences talked about. I also loved the sub-plot where Tucker’s arm is cloaked, it was entirely goofy. T’Pol makes a good point about the society already being “contaminated” even though all of the technology was retrieved. I’m not sure why they didn’t try to either beam it back up, or just leave it because a communicator wasn’t that big of a deal. The story they came up with did more harm, in my opinion. 5 de-cloaked chew toys for Porthos!

Episode 9 – “Singularity”

“It would be irresponsible to dispense medication without examining you first.: A flashback of the last few days shows everyone on the crew with some odd side effects as they pass through some harmful radiation. Archer can’t write, Sato gets obsessed with cooking from scratch, Phlox thinks there’s something wrong with Mayweather, Reed becomes even more paranoid about safety, and Tucker is snippy with everyone. T’Pol throws Archer into a cold shower in order to knock some sense into him and they get the ship to safety.

Hoshi Sato sipping soup out of a spoon
You can resequence all the chicken and potatoes you want, but I am making this from scratch.

WHY DOES NO ONE ASK WHERE MAYWEATHER IS? He goes to sickbay for a headache and he’s supposed to be piloting the ship. Even with everything else going on, I can’t imagine they just forget about THE PILOT. Sigh. I mean, poor Mayweather… he gets roofied by Dr. Phlox and almost had an unwanted surgery because of space drama. Once again, this episode demonstrates that T’Pol is the only adult on Enterprise and Archer knows it. It was fun to see the crew kind of ramp up to 11, everything seeming okay but just a little off until it was just off the spectrum. 5 barks for Porthos, who was very confused and just wanted some love and attention.

Episode 10 – “Vanishing Point”

“You’re in perfect health. You’re neither transparent nor porous.”: Sato and Tucker are exploring some caved when a storm approaches and they have to use the transporter. Tucker goes first, as Sato is nervous. When she arrives on Enterprise, she starts to feel strange. She eventually disappears but everyone thinks she’s dead. After finding aliens on board trying to destroy the ship, she goes after them and wakes up on Enterprise. She dreamed the whole episode and was stuck in the pattern buffer for 8 seconds.

Hoshi Sato sleeps on the floor of the gym because no one can see her and she can't interact with the scenery
“It’s not a joke, Doctor. If that machine could move a birthmark, who knows what else it could do. I’m telling you, I don’t feel right.”

I liked that I didn’t know she was dreaming and stuck in the pattern buffer, because the story sort of made sense. Transporter accidents have been known to happen and maybe she could become transparent or something. Maybe I should have known better, or maybe I gave into Sato’s anxiety about using the transporter. My two favorite parts, though, were when she decided to be brave and go after the aliens who were going to blow up Enterprise and then her whole interaction with Dr. Phlox at the end. I’m not sure why I liked this episode so much, but I did – so there! 8 days in the sun for Porthos.

Episode 11 – “Precious Cargo”

“Come visit me. Perhaps you’ll find out.”: Enterprise is helping a cargo ship with a life support system when there’s a problem and they escape with Tucker but leave one of their own behind. Tucker and the First Monarch get on each other’s nerves but eventually work together to escape. Archer tricks the pirate in order to get information and everyone goes home happy.

The first monarch brandishes a weapon
KAITAAMA: “Is your entire species so ill-mannered?”
TUCKER: “No, just me.”

So Tucker is definitely the “Kirk” or “Riker” character of this crew, as he keeps getting into sticky situations with female aliens. On one hand I’m glad they made it the engineering, but on the other hand he’s a bit misogynistic at times – sigh. He does give good banter and I love how he interacts with a strong character like Kaitaama, especially since she was obviously living a very sheltered life. I also loved how Archer lies about a tribunal and T’Pol even plays along, it was a lot of fun to watch. Another episode that I liked a lot and I’m not really sure why. Porthos barks along as we take a 7 mile walk around a beautiful lake.

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