ENT: Season 2, 5 Episodes (2 – 6)

Date: April 6, 2022

Season 2, Episodes:

  • 2, “Carbon Creek”
  • 3, “Minefield”
  • 4, “Dead Stop”
  • 5, “A Night in Sickbay”
  • 6, “Marauders”

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And if all was well, and your heart could find the words, would we be for better baby, would we be for worse?

Interstellar News: My students may be the death of me – but not before I finish Trek. Here’s a new style I’m trying out, a round up of the last 5 episodes I watched.

Episode 2 – “Carbon Creek”

“Vulcans don’t take vacations.”: T’Pol tells Archer a story about the “real” first contact during the launch of Sputnik with her great-great grandmother. There are some shenanigans about helping a smart kid in a mining town get to college, a Vulcan staying for love, another lying to High Command, saving some men trapped in a mine, and introducing Velcro to the humans.

T'Mir and Mestral in a new hairstyle /  hat to hide their respective ears
Mestral: “It’s unfortunate that you’ll be leaving these people without experiencing one thing they have to offer.”
Stron: “Such as alcohol, frozen fish sticks, the constant threat of nuclear annihilation?”

I actually quite enjoyed this one as it’s a flashback that allows T’Pol to play someone else. It also leaves you wondering if the story is true, has some true elements, or why T’Pol’s ancestor would hand down a physical object. This gets 8 “indulgences” for Porthos, as long as they’re all cheese.

Episode 3 – “Minefield”

“All we have to depend on is each other.”: Reed and Archer have a super awkward breakfast, Enterprise is hit by a cloaked mine, we “meet” the Romulans, and Reed gets impaled by a bomb. He walks Archer through defusing it and the get the hell out of dodge.

Archer comforting Reed while he's been impaled in the leg
So instead of a life on the sea you chose a life in the vacuum of space?
If you plan to go to warp, sir, you’ll let me know?

My goodness this was a SLOW and BORING episode. Reed assists Archer like they’re putting something together from Ikea and talks about how he has a fear of water and it’s why he joined Starfleet instead of the Navy. Reed keeps trying to be all noble and go down with the ship and he’s just so fucking morose the entire episode, well more so than usual. There are some interesting scenes and some good out-of-the-box thinking from Archer, but otherwise Porthos poops 3 times in this episode’s general direction.

Episode 4 – “Dead Stop”

“It’s unethical to harm a patient. I can inflict as much pain as I like.”: 4 days after the events of the last episode, Enterprise is in desperate need of repairs. They find a completely automated repair station that’s incredibly advanced and required very little in payment – to which Archer is super skeptical. The ship gets repaired but Mayweather is killed. It’s later revealed his body was a duplicate, they eventually find his original, they also blow up the station and again skedaddle right on out of that part of space. Right before the credits roll, THE STATION STARTS REPAIRING ITSELF.

Phlox checking out "dead" Mayweather while Archer looks on
Your inquiry was not recognized.

I absolutely adore this episode. It reminds me of all the TOS episodes where a computer system went “nutty” and Kirk and company put an end to it – except this time the damn thing is smart enough to engineer itself back to life. I was about to stop watching when I thought they killed the one Black actor on set and was super satisfied with Dr. Phlox being his usual attentive self. It’s a complete mystery who built the station, when the station started snatching one crew member per ship to add to its consciousness, or what happened to all of the other bodies when everything blew up. They didn’t know at the time all those people were brain dead but decided to grab Mayweather and peace out – not cool kids. I also really liked how Archer wanted to “speak to a manager” and Tucker was trying to sneak past everything because he was curious, not suspicious like Archer. I also almost died laughing at the damn air filter they took out – BECAUSE I HAVE ONE JUST LIKE IT AT HOME!!! This episode gets 9 hours of belly rubs for Porthos, with 1 point being taken away for our “heroes” killing everyone else in the facility.

Episode 5 – “A Night in Sickbay”

“I suppose you’re going to tell me you have a degree in psychiatry, too.”: Archer and crew are decontaminating after visiting the Kreetassans, trying to get a plasma injector, but Porthos peed on an important tree and they were offended (again). Porthos, unfortunately, picks up a pathogen and almost dies. Dr. Phlox suggests Archer needs to get laid, Archer tries to get some sleep, Porthos receives a transplant, and T’Pol tells Archer they should just be friends. Oh, and they get the injector.

Porthos who is in decontamination, sometimes a very clearly stuffed animal version
Dr. Phlox: “My sub-mammalian database contains no pertinent files on bugles, but there’s sufficient information on similar chordata.” Archer: “Beagles.

I was ready to throw all kinds of things at the TV and stop watching this damn show if they killed Porthos – that’s two episodes in a row where they tried to raise my damn blood pressure. Dr. Phlox is a medical badass, Archer is a whiny man, and T’Pol remains the only adult on board. This was a silly episode in parts (like when Phlox is going through his nightly routine, when they’re cornering the bat, or when it’s a very obviously stuffed animal version of Porthos), a good episode in parts (when Archer finally puts his pride aside or when Phlox demonstrates the other sides of a ship’s doctor), and a very awful episode (why all the damn whining? also, the dream? come on!) in other parts. I think it deserves 4 tiny pieces of cheese for Porthos, but something common like cheddar.

Episode 6 – “Marauders”

“Shooting at a lizard is a whole lot different than shooting at a person, and lizards don’t shoot back.”: On Tattooine, wait – wrong planet – the team visits a deuterium facility that’s under siege from a small Klingon ship. After Archer delivers the “fish speech” (sort of like the one about a gazelle), Enterprise helps the settlement defend themselves against the Klingons.

Tucker, T'Pol, Archer, and Reed in their very best "desert sheik"
Gonna tell my kids these were THE WARRIORS… hahahahaha

So this episode is not terrible, but it’s also not unique. There’s a plan that requires nothing to go wrong, and I don’t understand how it even works because I’m sure the coordinates would have been the same 3 days later and someone would have noticed. I am appreciative of the fact that someone thought about the future when Enterprise wouldn’t be there to protect the folks on the planet and I truly enjoyed watching T’Pol take down a Klingon or three. This is almost the same plot as A Bug’s Life in some ways, so I’m just not that impressed. 5 days of running around in the desert for Porthos.

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