VOY: “One” and “Hope and Fear”

season 4 cover

Date: December 4, 2020

Season 4, Episodes 25 and 26

Musical Accompaniment: Finally started songs that start with the letter ‘G’!

Interstellar News: Happy 4th day of my birthday month!

“One” in TL;DR: Seven and the Doctor work on her social skills in the holodeck, it doesn’t go well. Voyager encounters a Mutara class nebula that causes the crew to become violently ill, one member even dies. As it will take a year to go around or a month to go through, the Doctor creates stasis chambers for each of the crew who will remain there until they’re out. He and Seven are the only two able to function, but after 10 days the mobile emitter futzes out… as does a lot of the other technology. After 29 days, Seven has strange dreams and then hallucinates an alien invader as the radiation affects the Borg implants. The Doctor goes offline, Seven panics about being alone, and she still has 17 hours before they’re safely out of the nebula. She hallucinates some more and passes out, only to wake up in sickbay to find everyone has made it through. Seven joins Torres, Paris, and Kim at dinner and they all poke fun at Paris.

Favorite Quote:

Kim: Come on, Tom. Sleepy time.

Paris: What if we had to get out in a hurry?

Janeway: You can unlock the unit from inside, Tom.

EMH: Do I detect a hint of claustrophobia, Lieutenant?

Paris: Why do they have to design these things like coffins?

Kim: Should we replicate you a teddy bear?

Just an adorable exchange between Kim and Paris. I’ll take a stuffed bear, tiger, dragon, and otter… please.
A teddy bear's work is never done - Garfield and Odie
“Perhaps you dislike being alone.”

“Leave it to Mr. Paris to be just as much trouble now as when he’s awake.”: As someone who is terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad at being alone, I totally understand Seven here. After the headbutting she and Janeway have gone through this season, it’s absolutely a risk but it’s also a great way for both Seven and the Doctor to proves themselves as being able to handle sticky situations. Many of the choices made sense, though I’m also questioning how some of this was accomplished. I get moving everyone onto one deck so it’s easier to check their vitals and make sure everyone is okay, but I also don’t know how he was able to come up with ~150 in such a short span of time. I will admit it was a nice twist to have Seven hallucinate and then be vulnerable and share about a time in her past where she was alone and it did not go well. One part I really enjoyed was the second time Seven and the Doctor were in the holodeck, as she does really well with Neelix and Janeway on the engineering problem – even if it was not small talk. I also loved when they thought engineering was exploding and she walks in anyway and goes “false alarm”. 7 Sevens for the Doctor and Seven.

“Hope and Fear” in TL;DR: It’s been five months since “Hunters” and they still can’t decode the message from Starfleet. Paris and Neelix come back with supplies and an alien named Arturis who needs a ride to the next system. He’s apparently great with patterns and decodes the message, so they travel to find the Dauntless. It’s got a quantum slipstream engine and should get them home in three months, but Janeway is super skeptical about all of this. Janeway recovers the actual message, Starfleet has no idea what to do and hopes to see them whenever they get back, and Kim finds alien technology hidden behind a panel. Turns out Arturis wants revenge on Voyager as it’s their fault Species 8472 was defeated and then assimilated his people. He is able to abscond with Janeway and Seven and Voyager tries to keep up before the get to Borg territory. Chakotay is able to beam them out and they make it 300 light years closer to home before the modified engine runs out while Arturis is assimilated by the Borg.

Favorite Quotes:

Janeway: A way home. We’ve waited for this moment for years. Why don’t I feel more enthusiastic?

Tuvok: Perhaps my mental discipline is rubbing off on you.

Tuvok’s got jokes.
was that... sarcasm? - sheldon cooper
One can never quite tell with Vulcans.

“I will survive. On what, Borg perfection?”: Why does no one say “we can’t leave Voyager for anyone to find” or “would be a shame to destroy such a good ship”? There’s some small remark about trying to get the ship to come along, but it’s so small of an afterthought. I love that Janeway remains skeptical, Seven acknowledges her fear, and Torres declares Klingon to be “too robust” for her. It’s only right that Janeway not get her hopes up too much, especially with some of the near misses they’ve had. It’s all too neat of a package, but it also shows some real consequences of their alliance with the Borg that she didn’t really have time to think through at the time. I am glad they finally were able to decode the message, even if it was not great news, and they were able to make some forward progress. I knew they weren’t going to make it home, but I didn’t know how Arturis fit in. It was an excellent way to bring the season opener back, not only to highlight how far Seven has come but also to show the impact Voyager has had on this part of space. 6 hard coffee candies for this episode, and a decent way to end a pretty good season.

hope is the only thing stronger than fear. hope for the good times can help you overcome the fear during the bad times.
“However, if we are assimilated, our thoughts will become one, and I’m sure I will understand perfectly.”

TA Out!

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