TNG: “Redemption” Parts 1 and 2

Date: April 22, 2020 Season 4, Episode 26 and Season 5, Episode 1 Musical Accompaniment: Some Classy Covers by Lindsey Stirling Interstellar News: I’m going to treat this as one big episode, resistance to this change is still futile and will now be the new standard when dealing with two part episodes. Nothing new happenedContinue reading “TNG: “Redemption” Parts 1 and 2”

TNG: “The Mind’s Eye” and “In Theory”

Date: April 21, 2020 Season 4, Episodes 24 and 25 Musical Accompaniment: A compilation of music by the Dallas String Quartet Interstellar News: Yesterday I did four loads of laundry, today I made buffalo chicken won tons, and tomorrow I’ll probably bake something. Favorite Quote from “The Mind’s Eye”: Picard: Governor, you speak as ifContinue reading “TNG: “The Mind’s Eye” and “In Theory””

TNG: “Half A Life” and “The Host”

Date: April 20, 2020 Season 4, Episodes 22 and 23 Musical Accompaniment: The Amélie soundtrack. Interstellar News: Today is the 29th Founder’s Day for the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon, an engineering sorority. I was proud to be Chapter Vice President, President, Membership Educator, and International Executive Board Vice President, as well as aContinue reading “TNG: “Half A Life” and “The Host””

TNG: Episodes 17 – 21

Date: April 19, 2020 Season 4, Episode 17 – “Night Terrors”, Episode 18 – “Identity Crisis”, Episode 19 – “The Nth Degree”, Episode 20 – “Qpid”, and Episode 21 – “The Drumhead” Musical Accompaniment: I was in the mood for more piano after listening to a lot of Billy Joel after the last few days,Continue reading “TNG: Episodes 17 – 21”

TNG: “First Contact” and “Galaxy’s Child”

Date: April 17, 2020 Season 4, Episodes 15 and 16 Musical Accompaniment: Old Stone Village presents Medieval Folk Music Interstellar News: Today did not seem like a Friday, but it was a beautiful day out. Favorite Quote from “First Contact”: Picard: I think we shall find we have much in common. Durken: And much thatContinue reading “TNG: “First Contact” and “Galaxy’s Child””