VOY: “Unforgettable”

50 first dates dvd cover

Date: December 2, 2020

Season 4, Episode 22

Musical Accompaniment: The only song that comes to mind:

“Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole

along with songs that start with the letter ‘F’ (my favorite letter) from my 4-star list.

Interstellar News: It’s the second day of my birthday month! I had a wonderful walk today, an excellent shower after, a charming chat with a dear friend, and a rather tremendous amount of fun playing virtual poker this evening.

TL;DR: Two cloaked ships fire near Voyager and one hails them, a female voice asks for Chakotay’s help. They rescue her and, in sickbay, she asks for asylum and then explains her story. Kellin is Ramuran and their biology causes others to forget them. She encountered Voyager a month ago, spent two weeks on the ship tracking a runaway, and then she and Chakotay fell in love. She went back because she had to but then decided to run away so she should be with Chakotay. The crew spends time trying to confirm her story and Kellins spends time trying to make Chakotay fall in love with her again. It works but then another Ramuran finds her and uses their version of a neuralyzer and her memories fade. Chakotay tries to make her remember but she decides to return to Ramura. He writes his memories down so they can’t be forgotten.

Will Smith holding the neuralyzer
“Once I used the neurolytic emitter on him, he was only too happy to be going home again.”

Favorite Quotes:

Chakotay: I thought you might like to get something to eat, unless your memories of our mess hall aren’t good.

Kellin: As a matter of fact, I was quite fond of Neelix’s food.

Chakotay: Now that’s something that’s hard to believe.

Chakotay and Kellin have some light banter while getting to know each other, again.

Tuvok’s Truth: “I’d rather not engage in speculation. It is a dangerous pastime.”

The kiss the girl scene from THE LITTLE MERMAID with Ariel and Eric in the boat.
You’ve got to KISS THE GIRL!

“Love is a chance combination of elements. Any one thing might be enough to keep it from igniting.”: This was a strange combination of 50 First Dates, Men in Black, The Notebook, and The Little Mermaid for me. Okay, so it’s mostly the first movie but we’ve also got the memory wiping technology from MiB, one party trying to get the other to fall in love again from The Notebook, and really only the one scene that I note above from The Little Mermaid. Chakotay asks himself at the end if there was anything he could have done at the end and bro, seriously, YOU COULD HAVE KISSED THE GIRL! Well, not without her consent of course, but the fact remains is that’s how she convinced you so the answer was right in front him the whole time!! Also, what is with Chakotay and blonde women? Who does he think he is, Kirk? Unless I missed it, we went though about half the episode before we found out her name was Kellin, which I found strange. Otherwise, this was a fun mix of romantic movies and science fiction biological babble. I don’t know why, but I really found this episode to be a melting pot of heartbreak, mystery, and very specific biology concerns… but overall an entertaining love-in-an-hour episode that earns itself 7 dinosaurs dancing the MAMUSHKA!

TA Out!

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