VOY: “Inside Man”

Date: June 10, 2021

Season 7, Episode 6

Music Video of the Day:

I love that the group had these four actors do this video, it’s fantastic!

Interstellar News: It’s been a hectic week and work, but I am so very much looking forward to this weekend.

TL;DR: After a missed data stream, “Reg” the hologram is sent by Starfleet to get Voyager home in three days. “Reg” is a hologram of Barclay but was intercepted by some Ferengi who want to steal Seven’s nanoprobes. Barclay manages to foil the Ferengi while Voyager manages to avoid liquidation.

Favorite Quote:

Seven of Nine: I was Borg.

Reg the hologram: Exactly. You were Borg. But you escaped, and despite incredible odds, you managed to reclaim your humanity. No one’s ever done that before. You’re famous.

Seven of Nine: Fame is irrelevant.

Reg the hologram: Maybe. But you’ve given hope to everyone who’s ever lost somebody to the Borg. You’ve inspired millions.

Seven of Nine: If you think my participation in the hoopla would be beneficial to others, then I’ll comply.

Reg trying to convince Seven she’ll be celebrated on Earth upon Voyager‘s arrival.
Troi and Barclay on the beach
“I went to her apartment. She was gone. No furniture, no forwarding address. Not even a Dear Reg letter.”

“Do you have any idea how inappropriate it is to follow your therapist on vacation?”: This episode is delightful at every turn. Voyager is sad about missing mail last month and this month seems to be a bust until “Reg” comes through. While some remain optimistic, like Kim, Paris recounts their near misses from “Hope and Fear” and “Bliss” and doesn’t get too excited. We then pan to the AQ where Barclay is having another meltdown because something didn’t work, so he tracks down Troi who is the best counselor in existence because she quickly figures out that Barclay has been “had” by his “girlfriend”. I’ll admit I didn’t suspect the Ferengi at first and I absolutely love how Barclay cons them in the end. He and Troi really do make a great problem solving team, but it’s a shame he still panics after all the work he’s done in the past. This was just such a twisty-turny episode and I found that I really enjoyed it. It shows the big problem of trying to communicate over thousands of light-years and the trust each side must have. I also love how gullible Kim is and that Parris and Torres totally get him, he’s still so green in so many ways. I give this 8 movies covered by the folks over at MST3K!

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