VOY: “Think Tank”

Dr. Evil says "think tank"

Date: December 28, 2020

Season 5, Episode 19

Musical Accompaniment: I have combined my 4- and 5-star music playlists into one big giant one and am now playing them by track (so all the Track 1’s first). There are 8.5 days of music across 3,360 songs… this should be fun.

Interstellar News: Today was a day for laying on the couch because I have felt terrible all day.

TL;DR: An alien thanks Kurros and his team for saving their world and tries to pay a different way, but they aren’t having it. Janeway is trying to figure out a puzzle while Seven takes them towards a planet that has dilithium, but it’s a trap as the Hazari have a bounty out for Voyager. Janeway and crew try to figure out how to escape when Kurros appears as an isomorphic projection to offer his services. Janeway and Seven meet Kurros and this “think tank” who offer their services for payment… slipstream technology, a recipe from Neelix, a statue of Chakotay’s, and Seven of Nine. Janeway allows Seven to make her own decision, she declines the offer, and later they figure out that the think tank were the ones that hired the Hazari. The Hazari and Voyager concoct a plan to lure the think tank in, which works, and the Hazari take charge of the group’s capture while Voyager escapes the area.

Dr. Strange recounting to Tony Stark how many futures he saw when he did his thing.
“A few torpedoes will not alter the outcome. If you do not convince Seven of Nine to join us now, the destruction of your ship is ninety nine point eight percent certain.”

Favorite Quote:

Neelix: Should I have the Doctor prepare a hypospray?

Janeway: Excuse me?

Neelix: So you can absorb the caffeine more directly. Save time.

Janeway: Point well taken. I’ll make this my last cup.

Neelix has got the jokes!
Jason Alexander as George Costanza "we are living in a society, we are supposed to act in a civilized way"

“Cheating is often more efficient.”: Jason Alexander plays Kurros and it was quite entertaining to see him so subdued from other roles I’ve seen him in. I will admit that I found it strange Voyager had a hit out on them, but then again they have been around the DQ and made some enemies… so maybe not. Once the pieces started to come together, though, I realized the “think tank” knew about Seven before they had even made contact with Janeway. What I don’t understand is why Janeway took Seven, as she usually takes Tuvok (security reasons and he’s her sounding board) or Neelix in his role as ambassador. I did love the idea of an intergalactic think thank comprised of individuals that are like their own little Collective, but I think it was also great that Seven saw them for what they were. I love that Janeway gives Seven the option and that Voyager and the Hazari work together, and there are a lot of good lines of dialogue. However the Hazari and think tank are not only introduced in this episode, but they also are neatly wrapped up at the end and it’s too quick for me. 6 minutes and 30 seconds of “All For You” by Sister Hazel (or at least on the live version I have).

TA Out!

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