VOY: “The Fight”

Date: December 27, 2020

Season 5, Episode 18

Musical Accompaniment: The last two songs on Fantasies & Delusions, “Film Noir” and “Dublinesque”

Interstellar News: Today I watched Ratatouille with a dear friend and participated in a virtual baby shower for another friend.

TL;DR: Chakotay was boxing in the holodeck and some aliens who live in chaotic space, and pulled Voyager in with them, try to communicate with him through a gene he has due to his heritage. It causes him to hallucinate, however, and he thinks he’s being trained by Boothby for a big fight. Chakotay encounters his grandfather, who also had the gene, and eventually communicates with the aliens who help him get Voyager out of chaotic space.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: Tuvok tells me you’ve got a mean left jab.

Chakotay: Never spar with a Vulcan.

Chakotay trying to give his captain some good advice.
Boxer dog wearing boxing equipment

“It’s not an hallucination, not a vision quest. It’s a prize-fight!”: I’ll be honest, this was not one of my favorite episodes. It bounced around way too much, I wasn’t sure what was a flashback and what was happening in linear time, and they use the word “crazy” to describe a gene that causes Chakotay to have visions. As a counselor, I highly detest that word to describe a behavior that happens because of a biological function in a person’s body. I was also lost for a lot of the episode, although I did enjoy the boxing scenes and the way Chakotay was so immersed in the lingo. I thought it was an interesting way for the aliens to communicate, similar to “Bride of Chaotica” but just different enough to make it interesting. Not really a lot to say about this episode other than it gets 4 chubby cats meowing asynchronously.

TA Out!

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