VOY: Season 6 “Survival Instinct”

Date: January 12, 2021

Season 6, Episode 2

Music Video of the Day:

“Come On Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson
Just pull me down hard, and drown me in love…”

Interstellar News: I have more mobility and less pain today, huzzah!

TL;DR: When Seven was still Borg, she and three other drones were stranded and cut off from the Collective. In present day, Voyager is at a Markonian outpost and has opened up the ship as well as let crew take some shore leave on the station. The three others drones have now been freed from the Collective but are still connected with each other. At first they try to force Seven, but when they are caught they explain the problem and all interconnect to try to remember what happened. Back on the planet they all began to get their memories back but Seven’s were of a scared child and she forced the others to go back with her. The EMH explains that they can be sent back to the Borg and live long, unhappy drone lives or he can make them individuals who will only have a few months. The three are separated and they part ways while Naomi Wildman comforts Seven as part of her family.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: Well as far as I’m concerned, opening the ship has been a fascinating experience and an unqualified success. I’m very pleased.

Chakotay: Me too.

Tuvok: I am pleased that you are pleased.

Tuvok does not share the sentiment of his captain and first officer.
the three drones in the flashback around the fire.

“There is a third page.”: In “One“, Seven explains she was once severed from the Collective and this episode highlights what happened then via the flashbacks. There are several things happening in this episode and they don’t all get enough time, really. Kim and Paris get arrested and confined to quarters because of a bar brawl with some locals, Torres helps Seven look through the Borg stuff, Neelix gets to tell everyone to try pizza, and Tuvok is dismayed (for a Vulcan) about the security breeches. As this is a more Seven focused episode, the EMH and Naomi Wildman make excellent pairs for her while Chakotay and Janeway just get to exist and make a good point once in a while. Naomi does an amazing job at being adorable and wonderful and I love that she went from being terrified of Seven to wanting to emulate her. It was also great to see Seven feel remorse for what she’s done and to realize how brainwashed she was when she was with the Borg. Overall a fun episode in some places, somber in others, and heartwarming somewhere in there too which earns this 6 neck warmers.

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