Sports Night: “Pilot”

sports night DVD cover

Date: January 11, 2021

Season 1, Episode 1

Music Video of the Day:

Everything I touch just seems to break…“, Rise Against’s “House on Fire”.

Interstellar News: Happy birthday to my puppy, Professor Zoom, who turns four today! My neck is still hurting and my mother-in-law is visiting, so there was no time for Trek today. I am, however, planning on watching Sports Night with a dear friend over lunch when we can… so I should totally write about it on days when I can’t Trek. Today we take a look at the pilot episode.

Favorite Quote:

Dana: Where are you strongest?

Jeremy: Oh, football.

Dana: Let’s talk about basketball.

Jeremy: I said football.

Dana: I heard you. Let’s talk about basketball.

Jeremy: We could talk about baseball or hockey.

Dana: Oh you’re pretty strong in baseball and hockey, are ya?

Jeremy: Not as strong as football, but…

Dana: Good. Let’s talk about the Knicks.

Jeremy: I walked right into that one didn’t I.

Dana: Well, I left the door wide open for you.

The beginning of one of my favorite interviews.

“I’m getting a divorce. I don’t need a cruise director.”: We’re introduced to all of the main and some of the supporting characters who make up the show “Sports Night” on the CSC network. There’s the duo of Casey and Dan, the main anchors of the show, who are obviously very good friends and make a fantastic team. Unfortunately Casey’s going through a divorce and is a bit disillusioned with life right now. I love the little things that come from watching a show several times, is some of the new things you pick up or some of the actors and their baby faces. The guy who plays Dan was in The Good Wife (along with several other million things) but I’m not sure I’ve seen Casey anywhere else. Seeing Dan in shorts behind the table was fantastic, though I can’t remember them doing this again in future shots.

Isaac, Dana, Casey, and Dan watch the dude run
“Do you have any idea how to spell Ntozake?”

There’s the producer Dana and her co-assistant Natalie, who are also a wonderful duo but it’s clear Dana wears the pants and is in charge while Natalie is learning all she can but trying to make her mark. I love that two women are in charge of the show, mostly, especially one that is about sports. Dana does her best to balance her professionalism and her emotions, but it’s clear her priority is the show and that she considers the whole group her work family. Isaac is both wonderful and wise, but he’s also firm and reminds me a lot of my work mom at times. The last of the main bunch is Jeremy is who is interviewed and hired during this first episode, and boy does he need to take every chill pill. I forgot how neurotic he was at first but he has also been in a variety of amazing shows I’ve loved, like The West Wing and Scandal, and he’s just awesome every time.

"are you crying? there's no crying in baseball" says Tom Hanks
One of my favorite quotes…

We’re also introduced to the folks that help produce behind the scenes, the ones who help pull up stats and get things done, and JJ from the network… who is a complete and utter tool. The episode glosses over how the show is run, how decisions are made, and also shows us Casey’s “aha” moment when a man from an impoverished nation breaks a world running record after having his legs shattered and being told he’d never walk again. Casey excitedly calls his son to make sure he watches this historic moment and remembers the joy he found in sports. It’s just a fantastic set up for a truly wonderful show. I’m excited for all the guest stars I forgot about and all the quotes we’ll get to. If you haven’t watched this show, it’s on Amazon Prime with commercials and I highly recommend it.

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