VOY: “Fair Haven”

meanwhile in Ireland... (dog and man at the pub with Guiness)

Date: February 9, 2021

Season 6, Episode 11

Music Video of the Day: Happy 9th Day of Black History Month!

“Love, For better or worse I still will choose you first”.

Interstellar News: I really need it to be Monday.

TL;DR: Janeway falls in love with a holographic bartender and Voyager is stuck in a wavefront with some harmful radiation.

Yeah, that’s really all that happened.

Favorite Quote:

EMH: Speaking of revisions, I was hoping I could give my character a more active role. In the period you’ve created, the village priest was the most prominent member of the community, held in the highest regard.

Paris: That’s a great idea, Doc. We could send Father Mulligan on a retreat to a nearby monastery, where he takes a vow of silence and never speaks again.

EMH: Try it, and you’ll be saying Hail Marys till Saint Patrick’s Day.

The EMH trying to build his ego and Paris ribbing him a bit.
Kim, the EMH, and Paris in Fair Haven
“Say ten Our Fathers and call me in the morning.”

“Well, you know the story. Girl meets boy, girl modifies boy’s subroutines.: This was very clearly a “let’s do something in the holodeck so the crew can cosplay” episode, I mean they even used the same set from the WWII scenes in “The Killing Game“! Paris took time to create the Irish village of Fair Haven, which everyone is enjoying. Once the storm hits and they have to batten down the hatches, as it were, Neelix suggests keeping Fair Haven open 24/7 to boost crew morale. Janeway enters one day and hits it off with the bartender and decides to make some adjustments to his character.

Janeway and Michael Sullivan siting on a bench.
“Oh, one more thing. Access his interpersonal subroutines. Familial characters. Delete the wife.”

After spending three days together, Janeway realizes she’s fallen in love with a hologram and leaves the program but Michael has lost his shit and started a bar fight. The EMH counsels Janeway and he says the one thing that I hadn’t really considered… Janeway can’t date anyone on her crew as they are all her subordinates. She needs love too, so it makes sense for her to find an alternative to a dalliance with an alien or two. I just didn’t really find much to this episode, other than Janeway wanted to create the perfect man and then decided she didn’t have time to play games any more. I will say, I did enjoy all of the lines I quoted and the dialogue was spot on for this episode. The story, though, needed all the work. 3 Rosary’s for you, ya sinners!

TA Out!

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