VOY: “Blink of an Eye”

Date: February 10, 2021

Season 6, Episode 12

Music Video of the Day: Happy 10th Day of Black History Month!

“Wine and dine, I don’t need that as long as long as you wit me…”

Interstellar News: Today was filled with a win streak in online poker, as I was in “the zone”. SHOE MONEY TONIGHT!

TL;DR: Voyager encounters a planet like no one has seen, but then get stuck in orbit and cause a time differential. On the planet, the natives believe it’s a new god as Voyager appears as a star. Years pass on the planet where we see the culture becoming more advanced and the different ways they try to contact the “sky ship”. The EMH goes down to investigate but gets stuck for three years, even though it’s only minutes on the ship. Eventually two astronauts make contact, one dies and the other decides to help them out. Those on the surface are able to break Voyager free, they fix the warp drive, and the astronaut (now an old man) watches as the “star ship” disappears.

Favorite Quote:

Chakotay: How’s our warp core?

Torres: The matter-antimatter reaction is still active, but this field we’re stuck in is raising hell with the nacelles. Until we break orbit, warp drive is offline.

Chakotay: Without warp drive, we’ll never leave orbit.

Torres: It does pose a bit of a problem, doesn’t it?

Chakotay and Torres looking at their Catch 22.
"She added me on linked in, so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious"
Moving too fast? Or is it too slow?

“I doubt everything, remember? Even my own doubts.”: I really enjoyed this episode. It was wonderful to see how the culture developed on the planet below as not much time passed for Voyager above. Yes, they royally fucked up the Prime Directive because they completely changed the trajectory of the folks below them, but it also encouraged them to explore when they may not have. Also the pilot, Gotana-Retz, was on Crusade and I totally enjoyed seeing him take it all in (much like in “Wink of an Eye“) and be willing to do whatever it took. I love how the EMH had a family, Naomi writes a report on the “weird planet”, and Paris clearly hasn’t learned shit from “Thirty Days” because he’s still so vocal against the Prime Directive. I don’t have a lot to say about this episode, but I really liked it and it gets 8 minutes to midnight.

TA Out!

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