Sports Night: “Shoe Money Tonight”

Date: February 7, 2021

Season 1, Episode 10

Music Video of the Day: Happy 7th Day of Black History Month!

“Where’d you go, I don’t know / I know that I need you in this heart of mine”

Interstellar News: Another day of not feeling great. It’s apparently Superb Owl day and I’m just not in the mood to see people clearly saying “fuck you” to this global pandemic. We can’t get the government to just keep everyone home for two months so we could have been done with this ages ago, but we can sure as hell have the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB do their thing while others have been out of work for months.

Favorite Quote:

Natalie: Fellas, I’ve got some bad news.

Casey: There’s no bad news tonight, Natalie. When the show comes down, Danny and I are hopping in a limo, heading down the Garden State Parkway, and getting off at an exit clearly marked ‘The Zone’.

Natalie: That’s great Casey, but all those things you just said?

Casey: Yeah.

Natalie: Not gonna happen.

Natalie breaking the bad news to the boys.

“I was never even in it!”: As an avid poker player, and someone who grew up not far from Atlantic City, I truly adore this episode. Jeremy and Natalie have their first fight, Dan and Casey plan to gamble but then get stuck doing the West Coast Update, we meet Sally, Isaac is shrinking, and we see just how amazing of a producer Dana is. Sally is such a wonderful opposite to Dana and she’s tall and ambitious to boot. She’s stuck doing the West Coast Update, which runs at 2 a.m. , but she gets to snag Dan and Casey once her usual anchors are stuck at the airport. Dan is “in the zone”, but quickly loses his mojo once they start to play poker with the rest of the crew. Dana gives Isaac an infinite amount of shit regarding his getting shorter, and as a person who is 5’0″, I completely understand his snark right back at her.

Jeremy with a giant stack of chips while he checks his cards.
“Natalie, listen to me. You’ve lost a lot of money to me tonight. You’re basically going to be living the rest of your life on a charitable grant from the Jeremy Goodwin Foundation.”

My two favorite bits of this episode, though, revolve around Jeremy/Natalie and Dana/Casey. Dana always looks out for Casey and he doesn’t quite realize that Sally’s just not in Dana’s league until he really looks at the rundown. He finally asks, begs, and pleads with Dana to fix it… which she does. It’s so fun to see how she takes command and knows just what to do to make the show bearable for Dan and Casey. Natalie is mad at Jeremy for spending their day off with some of his friends, one of whom is a woman. Jeremy also beats the hell out of Natalie and, well, everyone at poker. He tries to explain to her that he’s not bluffing, she doesn’t believe him, and then they apologize to each other for their behavior. Jeremy tries to be strong and take a break for the night, but then Natalie taunts him by expressing interest in wearing one of his shirts to bed… and he totally gives in. I love their relationship so much because they’re bonkers and adorable and totally in lust with each other, but in a very pure way too. SHOE MONEY TONIGHT!

TA Out!

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