“The Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change”

book 3: change

Date: February 8, 2021

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TL;DR: Book 1 was all about Korra learning to airbend in order to fully become the Avatar. Book 2 was all about Korra connecting with the Spirit World. Book 3 now focuses on the repercussions of all of her choices over the first two books. The spirits are roaming the physical world, random people are becoming airbenders, and four criminals escape. We find out they are part of the Red Lotus group who are basically the Libertarians of this universe and want to kill all of the world leaders and end the Avatar cycle. Bolin learns to lavabend, Zaheer learns to fly, Korra continues to be an absolute badass, Mako and Bolin meet their family, the metalbending clan has ties to Lin, and the Earth Queen meets her demise.

the lava bender, the air bender, the water bender, and the one who can explode things with her mind... from left to right.
The Red Lotus

“You must be at the end of your rope; you hate meditating.”: This season throws the whole group into dealing with a ton of heavy stuff. Korra gets thrown out of Republic City but she and Tenzin are feeling the weight of trying to bring back the Air Nation. I completely loved the whole bit of Tenzin trying to recruit folks to the vision of the Air Nation that was around when there were still tons and tons of airbenders. Tenzin and Korra clearly didn’t read the room and didn’t think about bring the Air Nation into, well, whatever century they’re in. Team Avatar also learns new lessons with Bolin learning to lavabend, Korra learning to metalbend, Mako learning to deal with being an ex-boyfriend and current friend, and Asami improving her engineering skills and bonding with another woman. Toph’s daughters, Lin and Su, go through some family shit but come out on the other side stronger than ever.

Druk, the red dragon

Zuko makes a brief appearance or two, along with HIS RED DRAGON that he just casually rides around like a boss. The end of the season shows us that Korra has been through so much and needs time to rest and relax and not have the weight of the world on her shoulders, Jinora finally becomes a master and earns her tattoos, and Tenzin vows that the Air Nomads will help bring balance to the Force, ahem, world, while Korra heals. It’s a bigger downer than either of the previous season endings, especially because Zaheer is totally a bigger baddie than the others and yet he gets sent back to prison when the others were killed. The next season is the last, and I’m very interested in how it pans out.

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