“The Legend of Korra, Book 2: Spirits”

legend of korra: book 2 spirits

Date: January 31, 2021

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“Here Is Gone” by Goo Goo Dolls
I thought I lost you somewhere / But you were never really ever there at all.

Interstellar News: After finishing Season 1, we continued to watch Season 2 while we ate dinner these last two weeks. I fully intend to start back with Trek tomorrow night.

TL;DR: Book 1 was all about Korra learning to airbend in order to fully become the Avatar. She completed that, and then some, but now it’s time for her to deal with the spiritual side of being the Avatar. She meets her Uncle, who treats her like a grown-up and then eventually becomes the big bad of the season, the first Avatar, and the light and dark spirits of Raava and Vaatu, respectively. She finds out shocking family secrets, loses her memories, loses her connections with her past lives, and even trades breakups with Mako. The season ends with Korra pulling a Doctor Manhattan, saving the world, and making a big change that will absolutely, totally, not have any consequences in the next season (here I am, waving in sarcasm).

Big blue spirit Korra fights Vaatu-merged with her uncle
“Now, ten thousand years of darkness begins!”

“He became a legend because of who he was, not what he was.”: This season bumps up the action and shows us not only more bending, but more of the spiritual world. There are still plenty of callbacks to The Last Airbender and also Season 1, but it’s also a good story that comes to a conclusion but also opens the door to discovering the consequences of those actions… which I am sure I will discover in Season 3. Korra finally “becomes” the Avatar, and it’s such a great journey for her as it’s the complete package of teenage angst and the weight of the world on her shoulders. There’s also Varrick, who is absolutely crazy and super rich, and his insanity is truly wonderful throughout the season. Bolin gets to become a movie star and he’s an absolute joy to watch when he can’t decide how he feels about Eska. Tenzin gets some much needed family time and we get to learn more about what it was like to have Aang as a father from two different sources. It’s so wonderful to see the threads of born family and chosen family stringing together. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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