VOY: “Virtuoso”

Date: February 12, 2021

Season 6, Episode 13

Music Video of the Day:

“02/12/99 at the stroke of midnight / Holding you tight, your body and mine, in February / Few scenes from my life where moments mean more to me / Than our fine nights, / I remember like yesterday, the time of my life.”

Interstellar News: Happy 12th Day of Black History Month. As today’s music video dealt with a date-specific song… I’ll leave you with this BHM fact. Bessie Coleman was the first licensed African-America pilot in the world. Also, I did 6 loads of laundry today and finished a bunch of stuff in the fridge… it was as good of a day as it could be.

TL;DR: Voyager encounters the Qomar, who have never heard of music. The EMH becomes very famous and resigns his commission, wanting to stay with the Qomar. He eventually realizes they didn’t want him, just his music, and he rejoins the crew… to the delight of Janeway and Seven of Nine.

Favorite Quotes:

Janeway’s Jam: “Tuvok, when have functions aboard this ship ever been normal?”

Seven of Nine: Why would the Doctor inspire fanaticism among the Qomar?

Janeway: Music is new to them. Clearly, they’re very excited about it.

Seven of Nine: This glorification of the individual is irrational. The Doctor is merely reproducing the work of others. Why do his fans fixate solely on him?

Janeway: I suppose he’s the embodiment of what they admire. He can do something they can’t. That makes him special.

Seven of Nine: Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain their interest in the minutiae of the Doctor’s life. What does he do in his spare time? To how many decimal places can he calculate pi? This one wants to know his favorite quadratic equation.

I mean, I would also like to know his favorite equation…
Drew Carey "15 min of fame, where the points are made up and the talent doesn't matter"
The EMH learned his lesson the hard way, just like any flesh-and-blood crew member.

“I can even reprogram you to be a whistling teapot. But, if I do that, it won’t be you anymore.”: I am torn about this episode. It’s frustrating that they aren’t consistent about the doctor. The first few seasons they explained he was integrated into the ship, but then in “Year of Hell” when Janeway was going to go down with the ship, it was fine for the EMH to bugger off with his mobile emitter to another ship? How is that even possible? The best parts of this, though, are similar questions that are posed during Data’s trial in “The Measure of a Man“. The EMH brings up a great point about Kim finding the love of his life and wanting to stay, well why can’t the EMH do that himself? I was so crushed for him when Tincoo built her perfect hologram and left the EMH to sing a sad song. Seven’s bit at the end was also wonderful and I think everyone on board learned a valuable lesson about appreciating every crew member. 5 slices of cornbread covered in chili for this episode.

TA Out!

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