VOY: “Spirit Folk”

Date: March 4, 2021

Season 6, Episode 17

Music Video of the Day: Happy 4th Day of Women’s History Month!

The HorrorPops are a badass band of women.

Interstellar News: The sun was out again and it truly does feel wonderful.

TL;DR: Paris is back in Fair Haven but this time he uses technology in front of some locals and they believe he and the rest of the Voyager crew are faeries. The locals start telling each other about all the strange happenings and decide to set a trap. When Kim and Paris try to fix the program, they get captured, as does the EMH eventually. Michael, the bartender, picks up the mobile emitter and beams over to the bridge, where Janeway tells him the truth and the two of them convince the rest of the town that they’re really not different from one another.

Favorite Quote:

Michael: I guess that leaves but one question. How long are you planning on staying?

Janeway: Well that depends if we’re still welcome.

Michael: My door is always open. But you’re the captain of a starship, I’m a barkeep.

Janeway: Just because we’re from different worlds doesn’t mean we can’t care for each other.

Janeway explaining to Michael that she doesn’t care
Ireland: "Trump to the left of me, Brexit to the right, Eire I am, Stuck in the middle with EU"
“SINNERS!” – the EMH

Well, that’s the problem. I’ve got a boyfriend who malfunctions.“: So this was way better than its predecessor, but that was such an awful episode that’s not really the best measurement. My husband mentioned that whoever engineered the holodeck safety protocols must have been an idiot because the minute they were damaged, the program should have just shut down. As for me, I think Kim and Paris were the idiots for not immediately saying “COMPUTER FREEZE PROGRAM” when they saw the mob coming their way. I will say it was absolutely entertaining for Chakotay to meet Michael. It was like “Oh, work boyfriend please meet my holodeck boyfriend” and I laughed and laughed. I was also shocked that Seven made a disparaging remark about the holodeck characters being “just holograms”, especially in front of the doctor, since they are both so close. The ending was wonderful, though, when the townspeople figured out what good this advanced technology could bring. Thought I do wonder if they broke the Prime Directive here… hmmmmm. 4 cheers for amber style beer on this one.

TA Out!

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