VOY: “Ashes to Ashes”

A priest giving the eulogy for Porky Pig, there are a lot of bad puns.

Date: March 5, 2021

Season 6, Episode 18

Music Video of the Day: Happy 5th Day of Women’s History Month!

“I don’t need forever after, but it’s your laughter won’t let me go / So I’m holding on this way.”

Interstellar News: Another beautiful day, another great walk, and another long day.

TL;DR: Ensign Lyndsay Ballard, who died three years ago, is back in the form of a Kobali woman. The Kobali reproduce by reanimating the dead and filling them with new memories, but Ballard had to return home. The EMH helps her to look more like herself and she and Kim have a brief romance, as he’s always been crazy about her since their Academy days. Seven is having a hard time with the Borg children, but eventually she takes some of Chakotay’s advice. Ballard eventually decides to go back with her “father” and stick it out in her new life as it’s too confusing to be back on Voyager. She and Kim kiss goodbye and then Mezoti helps cheer Kim up… even though it’s a bit creepy.

Favorite Quote:

Tuvok: Mezoti, you are not authorized to be in here.

Mezoti: Are you going to report me to the captain?

Tuvok: Considering this is your first offense, a warning will suffice.

Tuvok being lenient with the Borg children.
A Catholic guide to ashes (with various kinds like the blob, the hindu, the mini, etc.)
It was just Ash Wednesday, so this is totally appropriate. There is also an “extended edition”.

“Fun will now commence.”: I want to start with the good of this episode, and that’s Seven trying to be a guardian to the Borg kids. She takes a logical and collective-based approach, which totally doesn’t work on adolescents. She tries to schedule everything, including fun, which is something that has to happen organically. Eventually she drops her stern behavior just a smidge, but I do love how she builds a rapport with Mezoti first. Another good thing this episode does is sell the love story in a hour thing, as I’m totally buying that Kim was in love with Ballard but decided to stop when they were both assigned to Voyager. I love how he tells her “I just want you to be happy” and he really means it. What I don’t like is how everyone in engineering looks at Ballard like she’s a monster for speaking in another language, that can’t be the first time that’s happened on a ship with ALIENS for crying out loud. I am also super aghast about the ending, because Kim and Mezoti walking off hand in hand is all kinds of super creepy and not at all endearing. That brings this episode to a Number 4 combo off your second favorite fast food chain.

TA Out!

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