Sports Night: “The Sword of Orion”

The Sword of Orion yacht with some men sitting on it (black and white image)

Date: March 6, 2021

Season 1, Episode 18

Music Video of the Day: Happy 6th Day of Women’s History Month!

theSTART featuring women on both vocals and at the drums!

Interstellar News: Today’s goal is to complete six loads of laundry. I’m off to a good start as I didn’t forget about the first load. After that, our dryer will make an absolutely obnoxious noise when it’s done.

Favorite Quote:

Dan: Maybe he’s just busy.

Natalie: Yeah.

Casey: Maybe he met another woman and forgot all about you.

Natalie: Maybe I’ll jam a number-2 pencil up your nose.

Casey: Maybe he’s just busy.

Natalie: Maybe that’s right.

Natalie showing the boys who is really in charge when Casey tries to rib her.

” I’m gonna tear it down! For I am Dan: Doer of Good Things Where Women are Concerned.”: I love the opening scene where Casey shows off that he knows four different languages and then Dan totally forgets that English is a language, it’s a totally classic “Casey and Dan” conversation. Dan is also absolutely obsessed with Orlando Rojas and he wants to share it with Rebecca so much. I do love that she eventually let her walls down to let him in and to allow him to share this thing he’s so passionate about with her.

The Sword of Orion yacht with some men sitting on it (black and white image)
“Ten years ago, a 68 ft. Merit Class yacht called The Sword of Orion, which was favored to win, went massively and inexplicably off course and into the path of winds gusting up to 90 miles per hour with 30 foot seas. The tactician, who was the son of the boat’s owner, was thrown overboard and drowned. The rest of the crew was saved four days later. “

On the opposite end, Jeremy is hurting from his parent’s divorce. He tries to break up with Natalie but she knows he needs her and is not in a place to be making decisions. He throws himself into a work project on a yacht that went off course about 10 years ago because if he can understand how this happened, maybe he can understand why his father was cheating on his mother for 27 years with some woman he’s never met.

Thanos holding a marker sword "me in 4th grade showing my friends my marker sword"
It wasn’t that kind of sward… jeeze.

There’s so much good going on this episode, as both Rebecca and Jeremy are going through some emotional stuff and it’s Dan and Natalie that help them through it. Maybe their overly persistent ways are not the best, but they work in this fictional TV setting and within the dynamic of each relationship. Everyone responds to trauma differently, every relationship is different, and the same techniques don’t work the same way on everyone each time. Be kind to yourself and others, give space when it’s needed or asked for, and remember that time doesn’t heal all but it sure helps.

TA Out!

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