Sports Night: “Dear Louise…”

Date: February 2, 2021

Season 1, Episode 7

Music Video of the Day: Happy 2nd day of Black History Month!

Can’t write up this episode without including this song. Although KC is white, many of the band members throughout the years have been Black and celebrated.

Interstellar News: Tonight I finally watched the live action Mulan and tried out the “GroupWatch” feature on Disney+ (which worked great). Mulan is my favorite Disney Princess and I’ve always been enamored of Asian culture, and I loved the interpretation of the story. I might write that up one of these nights, or maybe I won’t.

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: El Perro Fumando?

Dana: The Flaming Dog.

Casey: Smoking Dog.

Dana: Not the Flaming Dog?

Casey: The dog’s not gay.

Dana: I wasn’t suggesting the dog was gay, I was suggesting the dog was on fire.

Such a fantastic exchange, considering neither of them likely speak Spanish.

“I’ve found that when I need a stamp, one materializes.”: This is such a wonderful episode, which apparently was inspired by several M*A*S*H episodes where they wrote letters home. It’s a fun way to give a little more background to some of the characters, but all through Jeremy’s eyes as the newest person in the office. It’s a beautiful touch to have his sister be hearing impaired and Casey immediately being respectful of why Jeremy is writing to her instead of just calling. It’s a great callback to how email was sort of a thing but people didn’t see its benefit, so letters were also still a thing if you didn’t or couldn’t phone for some reason. To this day, though, I still love getting letters in the mail. My mom used to send me ones all the time, usually with recipes or ways to lose weight/eat healthier, and I miss that I don’t really have anyone to do that anymore.

Old lady looking at computer... "How do I put a stamp on this email?"

Also in this episode… Dan can’t write, Isaac’s daughter is dating a Republican, Dana gets a haircut, and Casey and Gordon verbally spar and it’s fantastic. There’s also the bit about Isaac’s friend who played in the Negro League who died after a carjacking, and it’s heartbreaking that people are still killing folks because of their skin color all these years later. In case anyone was wondering… Black Lives Matter. Latinx Lives Mater. LGBTQA Lives Matter. Every damn life matters, so let’s take care of each other. Stay home, wash your hands, wear your mask, and be safe everyone.

TA Out!

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