Sports Night: “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”

Date: March 1, 2021

Season 1, Episode 17

Music Video of the Day: Happy 1st Day of Women’s History Month.

Saluting Aimee Interrupter, an amazing vocalist. “She’s Kerosene” and “By My Side” are also awesome songs. Check them out!

Interstellar News: Happy birthday to my step-mom, Roberta! Sorry I’ve been MIA, it’s been a rough few days. I’ll get back to Trek soon, though, as I need to see how Janeway gets them home… or does she?

Favorite Quote:

Casey: Why are we holding?

Dana: ‘Cause some guy named Fettuccine Alfredo just… Jeremy, what’s his name?

Jeremy: Alberto Fedrigotti.

Dana: –Alberto Fedrigotti just took Sampras to a fourth set.

Casey: Why would he do this to me?

Dana: He’s not doing it to you personally, Casey. He’s doing it to me personally.

Dana is miffed at Pete Sampras.

“I’m saying this is MY show. This isn’t my hobby. “: Well, this is an episode I never understood… even when I was younger. I totally get making compromises in a relationship, but at this point Gordon and Dana have been dating for months, right? Why hasn’t she met his friends yet? Why wouldn’t they schedule this big night for a night that Dana has off? I still don’t understand why Natalie couldn’t do the show, the one line about her not having prepped it makes absolutely no sense. Gordon is not just a douche-canoe because he’s cheating on Dana with Sally, but also because he’s not understanding of her job and how much she loves it. Some people do a job and check out at the end of the day and leave their work behind, but some people live and love their jobs. It’s hard to love someone who does that, and you have to learn a lot about setting boundaries, but it’s well worth it because they’re usually happy and fulfilled.

this is why you should never take pictures of tennis players while they're playing (he looks strange)
Also, why you should NEVER pause a Disney animated movie.

I do love that Jeremy is writing another letter to his sister Louise and explaining how the tennis match that wouldn’t end had sort of a butterfly effect on the rest of the crew. I love the beginnings of Dan and Rebecca, because he’s a lot more endearing here and they’re adorable together. I love how excited she gets over watching Dan work. That’s the kind of support Dana needs, especially from a man who claims to love watching Dana in action and doesn’t hold their relationship hostage to get what he wants. This episode has a lot of callbacks to previous ones and will be important in the next few as well. Not a personal favorite, but definitely a damn important episode with a lot of moving parts.

TA Out!

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