Sports Night: “Sally”

Date: February 27, 2021

Season 1, Episode 16

Music Video of the Day: Happy 27th Day of Black History Month!

All hail the Queen.

Interstellar News: Yesterday was another not so great brain day, and to be honest today isn’t either. But I felt the urge to write, so here I go.

Also, as a bonus, listen to this song by Blink-182 called “My Pet Sally“. I am always reminded of it when I think of the title of this episode.

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: I need some guidance. ‘Cause I don’t mind telling you, I’m feeling just a little anxious about this. Number-1: Is it too early in our relationship for me to be spending three days at her parents’. I mean, it’s not like I’m Pacino going back to Corleone and bringing gifts to Appolonia’s family. And Number-2: I’m Jewish. And her family is, you know, incredibly not. Which isn’t, by the way, any sort of problem for me, but I do think it might be a problem for them, because after all, there are those who think I killed their Lord, Jesus Christ. Not me directly, mind you. I didn’t drive the getaway car or anything. In fact, my family’s from Latvia, so we’ve got a pretty solid alibi, but anyway, Isaac, what do you think?

Isaac: Oh my God, were you talking to me all that whole time?

Jeremy going on an epic rant and Isaac killing it with his response.
slow news day again, old chap? gomez addams
What time does the first game start, Elliot?
In seven hours….

“You’re wearing my shirt, Gordon.”: This is one of my favorite episodes purely for the line I’ve quoted right before this sentence. There is so much delivered in that line. Dana and Gordon never went on their snorkeling trip and then he stands her up, we find out Casey had sex with Sally and lost his shirt and then… BAM, Gordon’s wearing it and I never saw that coming. Casey doesn’t want Dana to be hurt or find out he’s slept with Sally, and so he keeps quiet even when Dana thinks everything is just fucking fine. Spoiler alert: it’s not. The rest of the crew is waiting for the news to start and Jeremy freaks out about meeting Dana’s family and knowing nothing about Easter. While not a lot really happens this episode, there’s just something about that scene that makes it so memorable for me. I mean… just watch it, it’s wonderful.

Casey is wonderful here.

TA Out!

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