Sports Night: “Dana And The Deep Blue Sea”

Date: February 25, 2021

Season 1, Episode 15

Music Video of the Day: Happy 25th Day of Black History Month!

From one of my favorite music movies, Blues Brothers. The music starts at just before 2 minutes in, but the set up is wonderful.

Interstellar News: Tuesday we watched Episode III and it was a late night, and I was exhausted on Wednesday… so sorry for being away for a few days. I have two Trek episodes I’m still marinating on, so you get more Sports Night tonight. I hope you’re not too disappointed.

Favorite Quote:

Casey: “The sophomore sensation accredits her agility and quick first step to her father, who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered with cheese.” Dana? We got all kinds of sentence construction here. I think he’s going to have to explain that it’s the PARK that’s covered with cheese, and not the father.

Dan: This is an unforgiving room.

Natalie: Plus, it’s a little hard to figure how running through cheese helped the kid with her agility and quick first step.

Dan: Thank you, everyone.

Dan says “cheese” instead of “trees” and it’s absolutely hilarious.

“I am serious Danny, if you turn out to be a jack ass, I am gonna… No kidding, with God as my witness, I am gonna do something bad to you with numbers.”: Dan has become creepily obsessed with Rebecca, no matter how many times she turns him down. He finally remembers that she was married to a man named Steve who was an absolutely jackass and he turns on the charm extra thick to help her to understand he’s not the drummer in a band and not all sports “casters” are created equal (he’s an ANCHOR, damn it). When I first watched this show, I thought it was cute. Dan realized he wanted to do anything to get Rebecca to realize that he was a good guy and worth her time. The only bit, however, that really works for me is at the end where he tells her he’s not like Steve. All the bits before are obsessive, creepy, and stalkerish. Watching in the post-#MeToo era, I don’t understand why he can’t just take no for an answer. What would have been good enough? If she was “taken” by someone else? If you don’t think too hard about it, though, Dan is a bit adorable, but if you do think hard about it he needs a restraining order.

an underwater scene from BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS
“No, no. That’s fine. This way I can take the time I was going to devote to getting my fear of fish to get over my fear of something else. Like bears I’ve never really been comfortable with.”

The other part of this episode focuses on Dana bring fearful of snorkeling with Gordon, mostly because she’s afraid of fish… but then he cancels on her. We’ll find out what’s really going on next episode, but Dana is worried that Gordon is going to break up with her. I didn’t realize until now that this episode really just shows us the start of the end (of Dana and Gordon) and the beginning of Dan and Rebecca. That’s it, that’s the episode. Aside for the hideous cheese blunder, it’s not my favorite of episodes. This is not to say it’s bad by any stretch of the means. It’s a product of its time and still continues the smart and witty dialogue that is wonderfully portrayed by the actors. Just not a personal favorite, except for Jeremy who is always being picked on for being the “new guy”.

TA Out!

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