Sports Night: “Small Town”

Date: February 21, 2021

Season 1, Episode 13

Music Video of the Day: Happy 21st Day of Black History Month!

MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. This song actually played a pivotal role in the movie The Proposal which, unfortunately, did not have many people of color in it.

Interstellar News: We spent the weekend cleaning out the basement, so I am plumb tired.

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: You’re good, Natalie.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jeremy: I’m sorry.

Natalie: What’d you think I was around here, Jeremy, some Gal Friday?

Jeremy: No. I just didn’t know you were that good.

Jeremy realizing he’s dating up, waaaaay up.

“That was a CSC exclusive… and you’ve been watching Sports Night.”: This is the episode where we find out Dana is a lightweight, or maybe we already knew from “Dear Louise…“, and Casey makes an awful date. They both have the night off and go on a double date, though Casey’s date is someone from Gordon’s office. This is also the first time Natalie runs the room and she does an amazing job of it. I don’t much care for the part where they’re on the date, because Casey is a bit mean spirited to Dana and Dana just can’t take the night off. I will admit that it’s hard for me to take a night off of work, but that’s mostly because I don’t have a lot of support. Dana’s literally been training Natalie for at least some time. You can’t tell me this is Dana’s first night off in two years, especially if they have a rotation for it. I do love, however, when Casey and Dana both try to get out of their night off and then basically chicken each other into spending the evening together.

me on a blind date: "sorry I'm not better looking"
Casey:”I really haven’t been a very good date.”
Leesa: “No you haven’t.”

The absolute best part of this episode, though, is how Natalie runs the room when there’s a last minute trade deal. She knows the questions to ask, the people to connect, the orders to give, and just how hard to push the source. She earns the admiration of everyone, including Dana, Isaac, and Jeremy, but all for different reasons. It was so amazing to see her run the room, even I was proud of this fictional woman. I’ve always loved that Jeremy was third banana and, when he forgot it for a minute, Dana or Natalie were able to show him why they are in charge. The last bit of this episode that is worth mentioning is Dan’s interactions with Casey’s temp – Bobbi. She swears Dan slept with her and never called and he doesn’t even remember her. We’ll find out in a few episodes that Dan is an idiot, but the way Bobbi delves deeper into “craziness” just kind of turns me off. There are parts of this episode that I love, but other parts I’m okay to leave. All in all, however, always moving the story along and giving us a lot of laughs and hard truths.

TA Out!

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