Sports Night: “Smoky”

me flirting in class: "so, what school do you go to"?

Date: February 20, 2021

Season 1, Episode 12

Music Video of the Day: Happy 20th Day of Black History Month!

For one of the most bad ass drummers, D. H. Peligro, of the Dead Kennedys.

Interstellar News: Apparently, Saturday nights are for Sports Night.

Favorite Quote:

Casey: And you’re okay with birds roosting?

Dana: I’m okay with birds doing anything you tell ’em to.

Natalie: Were you two flirting?

Dana: No.

Natalie: You were.

Dana: We were, but it was a rehearsal of sorts. It was a class.

Natalie: If you guys aren’t too far along, could Jeremy join?

The after effects of Dana and Casey “play” flirting.
me jokingly flirting with everyone to a friend who's in a relationship. me, confused, bc I don't know if she's monogamous or not and I don't want to cause trouble (confused face) with her flirting back
One of my absolute favorite memes, because I totally flirt like I breathe.

“I told many, many people.”: Most of this episode focuses on everyone figuring out how their life would change if Isaac were to leave his job to Dana, which prompts all sorts of hysterical conversations. Jeremy and Natalie also have some interesting “sexy” conversations because Natalie enjoys nerdy Jeremy, but he’s so damn clueless it’s absolutely a blast. Dan is concerned about Casey getting back out there but also not wanting to ruin their “well-oiled machine”, and there is a discussion about Sally. My favorite part of the episode, though, is when Dana asks Casey to flirt with her… as practice for him. He’s absolutely bad at it until he tells her she’s “smoky” and then you can see her get all flustered. The next best part of the episode is when Isaac gathers everyone to tell them he’s not going anywhere and they should all stop rumors. Dana says she only told Natalie, Natalie says she only told Jeremy, and it’s wonderful when Jeremy looks forlorn and explains how he told EVERYONE. Jeremy redeems himself later when he calls Natalie a “slow drink of whiskey” and I’m positive I would love that if someone called me that. Assuming they liked whiskey, of course. Not the best episode ever, but a pretty good one with some wonderful moments throughout.

TA Out!

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