Sports Night: “Thespis”

Date: February 3, 2021

Season 1, Episode 8

Music Video of the Day: Happy 3rd Day of Black History Month!

Send my love to the new PlayStation2” — yeah, that dates the hell out of this song. hahahahahaha.

Interstellar News: Happy 13 months to my blog! Tonight I watched The Wizard of Oz with the husband person in preparation for Return to Oz tomorrow, as there will be a Classics Track panel on its 35th anniversary and it’s been ages since I’ve seen both.

Favorite Quote:

Natalie: So Thespis is the Roman god of theater?

Jeremy: That’s exactly right. Except he’s not Roman and he’s not a god.

Natalie: What is he?

Jeremy: He’s Greek, and he’s a ghost.

I absolutely love Jeremy and his geekiness.

“For a guy who’s read The Hobbit 14 times, you’re not so dumb.”: This episode is delightful and I love it for so many reasons. Jeremy enlightens the crew about Thespis, Dana is nervous about Thanksgiving, Dan and Casey have a small tiff over their work anniversary, and Isaac becomes a grandfather. All three of these stories have the same thread of focusing on what is important rather than whatever they’re focusing on. Dan remembered the anniversary and Casey didn’t, but Dan also feels like Casey stayed with him because he wasn’t offered the Conan show. Turns out Casey was offered the show, never told Dan, it’s what ultimately led to his divorce from Lisa, and they settle their fight because they’re together now and such a wonderful team. I love they way they feed off of each other, they are work husbands and it just plain works for them.

Dana standing in front of Casey and Dan as the turkey falls on the desk
“Say, Dana? This wouldn’t happen to be your frozen turkey by any chance, now would it?”

Isaac had a fight with his wife, but none of that matters when his daughter has a troubled labor and he needs to get to where they are immediately. Everything goes well and all the men get cigars, sigh, but it’s touching how everyone is so happy for Isaac and his family in that moment. Dana is so focused on her mother’s approval she forgets what’s important until the turkey takes a dive, the show has a ton of problems, and Jeremy reminds her what the spirit of Thanksgiving is really all about. This absolutely reminds me about all the things I would do to get ready for when my mom came to visit me, which I still do for my dad and my in-laws. A great and wonderful episode with catchy dialogue and a happy ending for all involved… except for the turkey of course.

TA Out!

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