VOY: “Human Error”

Date: August 4, 2021

Season 7, Episode 17

Music Video of the Day:

I failed you I’m sorry / That’s simply my life story…

Interstellar News: Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. There were several phone calls for work, all of them were terrible. I had a meeting I couldn’t concentrate in because my body decided to up and hate me. I took a few naps, none of them were restful. The camera on my laptop decided to stop working. I got locked out of my work email after hours. Some other things happened that were not great. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

TL;DR: Seven daydreams in the holodeck about having her implants removed and dating Chakotay… it gets super awkward. Her cortical node is failing, again, due to her experiencing high emotions. She decides to break up with holodeck Chakotay and stay celibate instead of having surgery to fix her node, especially when her distractions almost caused destruction for Voyager.

Favorite Quote:

Seven of Nine: A multispectral star chart might enhance this bulkhead.

Neelix: Or a painting.

Seven of Nine: A painting of a star chart.

Neelix: I was thinking of something more abstract, more artistic. Drapes. Nothing livens up a room like good window dressing. Not to mention the added privacy.

Seven of Nine: Privacy? We’re in space.

Seven and hologram Neelix discussing her fictional quarters, and he basically says something akin to the carpet matching the drapes… sigh.
Seven and hologram Chakotay dance
Devil in a red dress, red dress…

“Slice these vegetables transversely in five millimeter increments.”: This episode was absolutely terrible. The holodeck dates with Chakotay were super awkward and, as my husband person put it, “not even Jeri Ryan’s boobs could make this scene tolerable”. There are some fun things, like the fake baby shower at the beginning and the fact that the crew threw a real one later on (even if it was off screen). Seven thinking about what she would do if she didn’t have any Borg parts at all were great, but so much time was spent on the fake relationship (out of nowhere) and then she just decides that sex is too much of a distraction. I mean I get it, there are (in my opinion) so many great things you can do with your time that aren’t physical with another person… but she just decides that it’s not worth it after one failed experiment. I did love her in the red dress and how she styled her hair, but that was about it, sigh. This is a weird mix of when Torres spent all of her time in the holodeck and also when Seven’s node decided to act up last time. So that’s two types of cheeses for this episode, your choice.

TA Out!

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