VOY: Season 7 “Imperfection”

Date: May 3, 2021

Season 7, Episode 2

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TL;DR: Rebi and Azan, the Borg twins, are going off to live with their own people and are taking Mezoti in, while Icheb has chosen to stay on Voyager. Seven’s cortical implant begins to fail and one from a dead drone won’t help. Icheb researches a method that will work, Seven doesn’t want his help, he donates his implant anyway, and everyone lives.

Favorite Quote:

EMH: Seven, if you’re having problems, you need to let me know.

Seven of Nine: If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll be more forthcoming in the future.

EMH: You’re all heart.

The way the EMH delivers this line is beaming with sarcasm.
Frankenstein's monster says he's an organ recipient instead of a donor
Icheb: “If the Captain were dying, you’d risk your life to save her, wouldn’t you? And when you respond to a distress call, you’re risking the life of everyone on this ship to respond to the aid of strangers.” Janeway: “He’s right.” Seven: “Captain, he’s just a child.” Janeway : “I don’t think he is. Not anymore.”

“What I want is to be useful.”: This is the organ donation episode. Much like “Journey to Babel” when Sarek needed blood from Spock and “The Enemy” when Worf was asked to donate blood, but this time it was a vital piece of anatomy. Janeway obviously has a blind spot when it comes to Seven, but thankfully Chakotay was able to talk her into taking Paris and Tuvok with her to the disabled Borg ship. I also loved that Torres and Seven have a wonderful moment in engineering, which was a great bonding moment between two people who are generally pains in the ass when it comes to medical treatment. While Icheb doesn’t take no for an answer, he makes a great point to Seven about accepting help and putting life at risk. This was a cute little episode that gives happy endings to all of the Borg children, especially Icheb who can’t wait to get into Starfleet. My favorite part of the episode is when Neelix is trying to help Seven get her mind off things and he and the EMH do a wonderful job employing reverse psychology to get her to stop working and play kadis-kot. 6 red tiles, because I prefer red over green no matter what Seven of Nine thinks.

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