TOS: Season 2, Episodes 8 – 10 (Jan 16, 2020)

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Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 2

Episode #,and Episode Name: 8 – “I, Mudd”, 9 – “Metamorphosis”, and 10 – “Journey to Babel”

Setting the Stage: I started at 7:30 pm on January 16th, 2020 with the husband, Tempura (on his lap), and Professor Zoom laying next to me and feeling MUCH better than he was yesterday. I took a nap earlier today and I feel better too. Remember, kids, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Oh, and I’m still watching via Netflix and using their episode order.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “I, Mudd” begins with a discussion where McCoy puts his foot in his mouth with Spock, but tries to make up for it by complimenting his ears. The new guy on the ship does something and Sulu can’t take back over navigation, he also busts into engineering and is a one man fighting show, owning everyone, and then heads up to the bridge. Turns out new guy is an android and has the Shatner comma down pat, because that’s how androids talk apparently. At least he’s a polite android. Oh no, it’s Harry Mudd! He’s the “lord” of a world of androids and he wants to leave the planet and put the crew of the Enterprise in his place. Kirk is not swayed, unlike his crew, he has only a one track mind – the Enterprise. Okay, does no woman wear a bra in space?!


The androids decide they need to take over the galaxy in order to control the humans, they’re too greedy and need someone to take care of them. Kirk comes up with a plan, and… what the what is going on with the dancing? Oh, they are trying to break the minds of the androids, like we haven’t seen that before. Can you hear my eyes rolling? Okay the shenanigans and tomfoolery the crew is doing for the benefit of breaking the minds of the androids is amazing and ridiculous. I absolutely love it, this one is the best of “I’m going to talk the machine to death and break it’s logical brain” so far. Poor Norman. I notice the trend of this season is for our three leading men to have the last word in a closed circle. Harry Mudd is to be stranded while the androids are re-programmed, and he gets a “bonus” caretaker – many android versions of his wife who will certainly nag him to death, poor bastard. The comedy factor on this episode puts it at a solid 8 for me. I’m still laughing hours later.

“Metamorphosis” starts with our three leading men in the Galileo shuttle transporting a commissioner who has contracted some sort of disease when a cloud approaches and strands the shuttle on a nearby planet. They meet some dude who seems to be obsessed with the commissioner, ooooh a woman. Kirk and McCoy think Cochran looks familiar, and they endeavor to find out why. Apparently, he is 150 years old and was important to the history of the Federation. He has a “companion”, a piece of light that brought the crew there to keep him company. Kirk asks Cochran to see if his companion will heal the commissioner, which it says it will not, and then it attacks Spock. The device Spock says “can’t fail” does, and the companion attacks Kirk and Spock. They figure out how to communicate with the companion, who is apparently a female entity and in love with Cochran. Cochran shows his old timey ways by being totally disgusted by the love the companion has for him, apparently it is unnatural. Kirk apparently has a knack for talking to logical entities and trying to get them to understand why they need to do what he asks. Suddenly the commissioner is up and well, because the companion has taken over her body and merged with her. The soft glow shown over female characters is back while Cochran and the commissioner/companion hybrid go fall in love. The Enterprise comes back for the crew, but Cochran decides to stay with his new-ish lady love and they endeavor to grow old together. This was a strange episode, which eventually made sense and had a sweet ending. I give it a solid 6 copper pennies.


“Journey to Babel” has the Enterprise picking up delegates, the last of which are Vulcans… and Spock’s parents! Apparently Sarek holds a grudge against Spock for not staying on Vulcan and going to their Science Academy, which I have to point out is a human emotion, as is stubbornness. Spock had a teddy bear-like creature when he was a child (called a sehlat) and that’s the most adorable thing ever, even if it has fangs. Of course, they found a way to show shirtless Kirk and now there’s a murder mystery! Sarek is not well and needs blood, which Spock is a match and offers at first but then Kirk is attacked, there’s another ship after the Enterprise, and Spock chooses duty over saving his father… the plot thickens. More shirtless Kirk! Kirk and McCoy lie to Spock to get him to sickbay, but the alien vessel is getting closer and Kirk stays in command. Someone on board is a spy and Kirk destroys the alien vessel, but the vessel and spy both commit suicide rather than be questioned. However, Spock and Kirk figure out who was behind the attacks and McCoy gets to yell at everyone for not following their doctor’s orders.

Here’s my favorite part of the episode:

I enjoyed that there was intrigue, political banter, a murder mystery, a medical issue, and family drama all in one episode. I also enjoyed that Spock’s mom, Amanda, was still very much human, and very much a mom, despite having lived on Vulcan for many years. Also, at least she was wearing a bra in space! Her husband and son were able to have a quick bonding moment over her emotional outburst, but I’m sure she knew that would happen anyway – moms always know! I give this episode 8 fresh mozzarella balls and a side of balsamic vinegar. Until tomorrow, my friends!

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  1. Friend ask Kyle – “why did you marry ToniAnn?”…..

    Kyle – “Seemed like the logical thing to do”.

    ToniAnn – whack, pops Kyle on the head.


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