VOY: “Q2”

Date: August 5, 2021

Season 7, Episode 18

Music Video of the Day:

“Every demon wants his pound of flesh.”

Interstellar News: UPDATE (left this blank by accident)!

My brain is mush. That is all.

TL;DR: In a follow-up to “The Q and the Grey“, Q Junior is now a teenager and Q thinks “Aunt Kathy” needs to instill some humanity in him. The Continuum gives Junior one week to change his ways or they’ll change him into an amoeba. Junior eventually learns his lesson, after endangering Icheb, and Q is forever grateful… in his own way that is.

Favorite Quote:

Q Junior: We were just getting to the good part!

Q: If the Continuum’s told you once, they’ve told you a thousand times. Don’t provoke the Borg! Now, I want you to give Aunt Kathy your word you won’t do it again.

Janeway: Oh, he won’t do it again because he’s leaving. Now.

Q: Excuse us, son. The grown-ups need a moment in private.

I love that Q thinks he’s a grown-up.
Q Junior in a Starfleet uniform
He thinks he can embarrass Seven, and he fails miserably.

“I am flattered that you would entrust me with your first born, but I really don’t have time.”: This was a good coming of age episode with John de Lancie’s real life kid playing the part of Q Junior. I love that Neelix was so optimistic and thought he could handle Junior with full Q powers, he just is so gullible still. Junior really does make an effort and the double fake at the end is wonderful, because Q really was paying attention to Janeway’s parenting advice. It’s funny that he calls her Captain Mom and Icheb does what he does best by being teacher’s pet. I’m also happy that they addressed the elephant in the room by asking Q to get them to the AQ and he basically asks what kind of example he’d be setting by doing all of their work? It’s a perfect way to show why he doesn’t just snap them back. This isn’t the best episode, it’s just a tribute… 7 picks of destiny for this one.

TA Out!

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