Sports Night: “Ten Wickets”

Date: March 11, 2021

Season 1, Episode 21

Music Videos of the Day: Happy 11th Day of Women’s History Month and 311 day!

I am so absolutely in love with this song.
Happy 311 day! Also, listen to “Amber” while you’re at it.

Interstellar News: I was on my first Virtual Dragon Con Panel tonight thanks to Gary and Joe at the American Sci-Fi Classics Track. Check them out on your favorite social media platform!

Favorite Quote:

Jeremy: Here’s something: “Raj Rajhan edged a humble snorter to the slips where Suarav Ganguly dived to his right to pick up a low snatch.” 

The humble snorter went straight to the slips and the snatch was obviously lower than it ordinarily is.

Casey: Yes.

Jeremy: I’m getting to the bottom of this.

No one knows anything about cricket.
A cricket game
“It’s not that hard to understand. There’s a bowler, see, and there’s a batsman.”

“What market analyst wouldn’t love an antique abacus from Dang Luck?: It’s a week after the bomb threat, Dana’s forgetting things, Natalie still won’t let Jeremy break up with her, and Dan is hoping Rebecca will choose him. Plus there’s something amazing happening in a Cricket match, but no one understands the sport enough to actually know what’s going on. This episode has such high highs and low lows, and it’s wonderful. Casey won’t let the bomb threat go and he’s still mad at Dana, they have this fantastic argument and then later make up and it shows the depth of their friendship. Jeremy finally lets Natalie back in, even though she never left, and it’s wonderful because they’re absolutely adorable together. Dan is the real heartbreak here as Rebecca decides to give it another go with her husband. It’s the right decision for her but it devastates Dan, though I admire his perseverance and his ability to stay sober until the show is over. Casey also gets a blow when Dana drops the bomb (sorry, couldn’t help myself) that Gordon’s going to ask her to marry him. This sets up so many things that are going to happen in the next few episodes, and it’s an important episode. I absolutely love drunk Dan, Jeremy desperately trying to understand cricket, and how you know exactly what Rebecca’s going to say the minute she shows up on set. Oh well, let’s just blame it all on Jerry Falwell.

TA Out!

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