VOY: “Good Shepherd”

Date: March 10, 2021

Season 6, Episode 20

Music Video of the Day: Happy 10th Day of Women’s History Month!

I absolutely love this song, the lyrics, and this music video. Pink smashes this one out of the park.

Interstellar News: Today was absolutely gorgeous out and I got some great news, so I think it was a pretty awesome day.

TL;DR: Janeway takes Celes, Harren, and Telfer on a proper away mission as they’ve slipped through the cracks all these years. Things go to hell but they work together as a (dysfunctional) team and eventually are rescued by Voyager.

Derrial Book from FIREFLY
“The good shepherd went after some lost sheep, and ran into a wolf.”

Favorite Quote:

Harren: What do you know about my expertise?

Janeway: As much as I need to.

Harren: Well then, you might be interested to know that I’m about to disprove Schlezholt’s theory of multiple big bangs.

Janeway: Really? Wang’s second postulate has more lives than a cat, doesn’t it? Once you think you’ve eliminated it, BAM, it pops up again. I’ll give you a hand if you’d like, when the away mission is over.

Janeway always has an answer for everyone. Don’t mess with the Captain!
German Shepherd dog
“The cosmos is sixteen billion years old. It can wait another few minutes.”

“If it wanted to get to know me better, it should have just asked me out for a drink.”: I am super torn about this episode. In some way it reminds me of “Lower Decks” where you get to see what some of the non-main crew is up to. Celes tries super hard but has self esteem issues, Harren has the brains of a Vulcan and is totally a Ravenclaw, and Telfer is a nervous hypochondriac. We get to find out a little about each of them through the lens of Janeway and NO ONE DIES! I was totally shocked and pleased at this development. The opening sequence didn’t really do anything for me, Seven’s analysis is merely just a way to get Janeway to the plot, and the end is meh because they all could have totally died but didn’t because the Captain was on board and in the opening credits… sigh. The middle part where Janeway assigns the trio to the mission, gets lost on Deck 15, and tries to get to know them better is actually not terrible. I rate this at 4 or maybe 5 religious metaphors, because they are NOT IRRELEVANT!

TA Out!

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