Sports Night: “Ordinance Tactics”

Date: March 9, 2021

Season 1, Episode 20

Music Video of the Day: Happy 9th Day of Women’s History Month.

This all-female band really rocks it out.

Interstellar News: Tonight we continued our Star Wars marathon with Rogue One, so no Trek was watched tonight.

Favorite Quote:

Dana: We’re in charge. We’re women in charge. And we’re keeping it together. That’s what we do.

Casey: That’s what you do.

Dana: That’s right.

Casey: Well we’re men, we’re petrified. That’s what we do.

Dana and Natalie explaining to Casey and Dan why they aren’t losing their minds.
Adam West's Batman holding a bomb
“Hey you’re afraid of fish, okay? I’m afraid of dying in a hail of shrapnel, who’s crazier?”

“I just wanted to say that if anything terrible ever had to happen to one of us, I’d want it to be you.”: This episode always reminds me of my three years at Colonia Middle school. Every year, from 6th – 8th grade, we had a bomb scare. Every year we were fine, even the one where they found a pipe bomb a kid was making because he thought it would be cool to get out of school for a few weeks or more. I was never scared because I trusted the dogs and the bomb squad and the adults to keep me and my friends safe. Dana and the rest of the staff go right back to their jobs and understand the sense of urgency while Dan and Casey have their first dose of reality and then come to realize it wasn’t even about them but someone else in the building who was offensive to someone else. Dana is also dealing with Isaac being gone and having to do extra work, to delegate some to Sally because reasons, and Natalie who is still dealing with Jeremy trying to break up with her. This is not the best episode ever, but it’s certainly one that shows how to keep going when it feels like the world is falling apart.

TA Out!

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