A Game of a Different Color

oprah "you're fired"

Date: November 7, 2020

Interstellar News: Today America has a President-elect and a Vice President-elect, the latter who has shattered the glass ceiling and the former who wants to unite all Americans. Today, I have hope.

Today, in completely unrelated news, the husband person purchased a gun safe for his one gun (it can hold up to 24) and to serve as a backup firebox for our important documents. This was also the next step in his being able to buy a handgun. First he had to get the permit, go to classes, get certified and such, and then we needed a place to put it where the dog can’t accidentally play with it.

gobble gobble ooshi roll
turkey, stuffing, and fried green beans wrapped in fried sweet potato. Gravy and cranberry sauce on the side.

He ordered it online, we drove to the store, two young men hauled the 500 pound beast-in-a-box out and put it in the truck bed. We then drove to Cowfish so I could eat the amazing Gobble-Gobble-ooshi and hubs had a burger, though we picked up curbside and ate in the car. We then drove home and met his brother at the house to get the big honking thing in the house. Once it was all set up we decided to order pizza and have a game night.

board for the game Concept
The CONCEPT board

We played Villainous, a wonderful game where you are the Disney villains. I won playing Maleficent and wearing a dragon shirt. We then played Forbidden Sky, a cooperative game where we did get the rocket ship off the ground but none of us were on it… whoops. Lastly, we played Concept which was like Charades but with a map and it was fun once we got the hang of it. All that said, I didn’t watch Trek and I am exhausted. See you tomorrow, my friends.

TA Out.

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