VOY: “Worst Case Scenario”

Some eCard: "I'm not anxious. I am extremely well educated about all the things that can go catastrophically wrong."

Date: November 8, 2020

Season 3, Episode 25

Musical Accompaniment: Listening to my cat Jazz sing us the song of his people, because he’s super hungry and we apparently never feed him (waves hands in very obvious sarcasm). Been listening to “Cleopatra” by The Lumineers a bunch.

Interstellar News: Another beautiful day and one where I got my 10,000+ steps in for the day.

TL;DR: Chakotay asks Torres which side of the mutiny she’s going to be on, he refers to her as “Ensign”. Janeway and Paris head out, Chakotay takes command of the ship, Jonas and Seska are still alive, and suddenly Paris walks in and we realize Torres was taking part in what she thinks is a holonovel. Paris runs through it, as do Neelix and several others, until Janeway finally asks about it and Tuvok confesses he wrote it as a training exercise and then realized he didn’t need to finish it. Tuvok and Paris decide to finish the story but run into a Seska Trojan Horse, which seals them in the holodeck. Eventually they are able to cause Seska to have a phaser malfunction which ends the renegade program.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: Apparently you didn’t account for B’Elanna’s exceptional computer skills.

Tuvok: Nor her somewhat excessive curiosity. I apologize for my carelessness, Captain.

Tuvok apologizing for not taking every way to permanently delete the file… which is almost impossible.
you don't understand, I'm a natural :worst case scenario" expert. some eCard
“You should have tried going along with the mutiny from the beginning. It’s much more fun.”

“It would be pretty hard for us to give her a full report if we don’t know how the story ends.”: This was a fabulously fun episode. We start in the simulation without knowing that’s what it is, but there are a ton of clues. Torres being referred to as “ensign”, the fact that Chakotay was absolutely not that guy, and said so in “Parallax“, Tuvok and Janeway make a big deal of Chakotay being in charge for the first time, and most of all Jonas and Seska being alive again. I love that Torres loves a good story, just like in “Remember“, and that Paris is also just as determined to find out what happens. It totally makes sense that Tuvok would have made a training program and also that he decided to abandon it once he saw how the crews were getting along. He’s not only the Security Chief but also was one of the Maquis. I love how hard it is for anyone to keep anything “secret” on the ship and it’s equally as wonderful that both Starfleet and Maquis thought the simulation was fun and worthwhile. It also make total sense that Seska would have programmed in a virus, Garak would have been proud of her cunning and resourcefulness. I rate this episode 10 cinnamon rolls, the jumbo ooey-gooey kind.

TA Out!

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