VOY: “Displaced”

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Date: November 6, 2020

Season 3, Episode 24

Musical Accompaniment: Watching “80’s week” of the Great British Baking Show.

Interstellar News: This week was not as bad as last week, but it was still very busy. Today was another another beautiful day, weather wise, and it was great to have our friend along for our walk.

TL;DR: A Nyrian suddenly appears on Voyager and he’s unsure how he got there. A further investigation shows Kes left at the same time. This continues as more Nyrians arrive and more of the Voyager crew disappear, including Janeway, and Chakotay takes on Janeway’s paranoia. Torres realizes it’s an unnatural phenomena and is instantly swapped and brought to the rest of the crew where she’s filled in on what’s happening. The Nyrians do this, as opposed to open warfare, in order to take over enemy ships to use for their purposes and then imprison the crews in a habitat. The crew gets a visit from their neighbor, turn the EMH into a tricorder, and find a way “out” when they realize they’re on a giant ship with almost 90 other prison camps. Torres and Paris take refuge in a frozen environment but Janeway and Tuvok are able to swap them out for Nyrians where Janeway not only gets themselves and Voyager freed, but the other prisoners as well.

Favorite Quote:

Chakotay: How do you like your first day as Chief of Security, Ensign?

Lang: It’s everything I dreamed it of, sir.

Chakotay: Who says there’s no room for advancement on this ship.

Chakotay trying to make small talk and getting good natured sass from the “new” Chief.
Fry - "why are people slowly disappearing?"
“Something about this is wrong, I can smell it. Look at us, running around the ship, checking sensors and spinning theories, while the Nyrians slowly replace our crew.”

“Then I can begin my new career as a tricorder.”: There is so much good and fun in this episode. At first it’s a mystery about a random person, but then Kes disappears and it ups the ante to the mystery. Janeway becomes skeptical and Chakotay shows us how he was duped by both Tuvok and Seska with his trusting at first nature. The Nyrians got me at first, too, because they were all very good actors and the episode was framed in a way that I wasn’t skeptical until Janeway mentioned the regular intervals that folks were getting swapped out. It’s a brilliant ploy by the Nyrians and it’s certainly preferred over war. However, wouldn’t it be better to put the crews on a habitable planet or something? To the crew’s credit, they never give up. Chakotay does what he can to sabotage and keep the ship running and he even remembers the doctor! Janeway continues to run her crew effectively and efficiently and she runs a tough, but fair bargain. There’s also the subplot of Torres and Paris, which I am sure will play itself out in a few episodes, but they should seriously kiss or fuck or something already and get it over with. I really enjoyed the story, the science fiction, the neighboring prisoner friend, and the justice for all at the end. Pocket 8’s and a winning hand for this episode.

One of 311’s best known songs.

TA Out!

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