VOY: “Future’s End: Part 1 & 2”

Date: October 15, 2020 Season 2, Episode 8 and 9 Musical Accompaniment: More of my instrumental playlist Interstellar News: My brain is feeling much better today after yesterday. Yesterday I also did at least six loads of laundry, so no wonder why I was so damn tired. Today, I am making a 13 pound turkeyContinue reading “VOY: “Future’s End: Part 1 & 2””

VOY: “Remember” and “Sacred Ground”

Date: October 13, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 6 and 7 Musical Accompaniment: MOAR iTUNES! Interstellar News: Happy 13th Day of Halloween! Internet went out this afternoon so I went into the office like a real person instead of working from home. Thankfully my building is closed to the public, I have my own office, andContinue reading “VOY: “Remember” and “Sacred Ground””

VOY: “False Profits”

Date: October 12, 2020 Season 3, Episode 5 Musical Accompaniment: YouTube wasn’t working, so iTunes it is Interstellar News: Happy 12th Day of Halloween! I’m dedicating this post to my step-Uncle who passed away on Sunday. He suffered from MS but always had a positive attitude, especially when it came to a good party andContinue reading “VOY: “False Profits””

VOY: “The Chute” and “The Swarm”

Date: October 11, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4 Musical Accompaniment: Spooky Music for Spooky Season Interstellar News: Happy 11th Day of Halloween! The is entitled “The Review”, heh. “The Chute” in TL;DR: Kim and Paris are imprisoned after being wrongfully accused of a terrorist bombing. There are no guards, but also no meansContinue reading “VOY: “The Chute” and “The Swarm””